Sunday, October 3, 2010


By: Videorose
Pizzamoto is a mobile pizza truck in Brooklyn, NY.

I've been meaning to try PizzaMoto when I see it around the city, at assorted street fairs, and finally got my chance on overcast Sunday's Atlantic Antic. It was definitely the highlight of the Antic (or maybe second to the vintage glass earrings I bought); hands down the best street pizza I've eaten. They bravely cart around a wood-fired oven, and they're slinging pizza into it as fast as they can to accommodate the steady line. Their $4 slices only come in 'plain', or it's perhaps a margherita? Some kind of delicious fresh mozz put raw in chunks on the pie that oozes across once baked, and a nicely tart and fresh-tasting tomato sauce. Best, once out of the oven, they finish it with a splash of olive oil ('Mmmm, drizzle" said the guy in line behind me). I top it with some oregano and we're good to go, fortified to survive the rest of the fair. It's no small feat to carry your own wood oven to assorted venues in Brooklyn, all in the name of a pizza done right. Thanks for lunch, PizzaMoto!

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