Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dr. Ho's Humble Pie - Charlottesville VA

Last weekend I went to the Wayside Center For Popular Education and cooked for about 200 people at the Wayside Commons Party! It was awesome. The Wayside Center is a great place for activists, organizers and all citizens to connect, make friends, learn, grow and relax - what could be more worthy of  celebration!? The menu didn't include pizza, but  rather some delicious lamb tacos from the Southwood Alliance, cucumber salad from Root Force Collective Farm, and  lots of other yummy ho-made things from me and the kitchen volunteers. quiche, apple cobbler, cheese grits, chili and more! Whew!

It was a lot of work for a great cause and I was happy to do it but by the end of the weekend I was kitchened out! I took a dip in the creek and then headed to Dr. Ho's Humble Pie for pizza with my friends!  JP and his friend from Norfolk Food Not Bombs, Niels and Emily from Root Force, Jeff and his son Ammon (who is planning C'villes first Horror Film Festival - The Blue Ride Bloodfest!) and Aaron, one of my oldest friends who was visiting from Toronto.

We split a couple of pies and they were ALL great. Jeff, Ammon and JP have been talking up Dr. Ho's for a while now and it was great to finally give it a try. The crust was chewey and delicious and although I usually favor sparse toppings on a pizza the pies we had were creative and balanced.  The dining room there is small but definitely has a great pizza parlour vibe with silly decorations all over the joint. The bathroom is covered floor to ceiling with crayon drawings on paper plates. Very cute. 

Dr. Ho's Humble Pie definitely gets the Pizzalicious seal of approval. Check it out  next time you are in C'ville or make a point to try Ammon's favorite  when you go to the Blue Ridge Bloodfest in September.

Here was the line up:
1 POPEYE - spinach, olive oil, artichoke hearts, onions, whole roasted garlic cloves, mozzarella, cheddar, feta. This pie is great! It was a little soggy but that is just the price of having artichokes on a pizza. The roasted garlic cloves were awesome and really added an extra punch to the deliciousness of this pie. 

1/2 DON JUAN - wild mushrooms, three cheeses, oven roasted roma tomatoes. MUSHROOMS! I'm so into mushrooms on pizza. salty feta and roasted tomatoes really shined on this one!
1/2 JOLLY RASTA - spinach, pineapple, onion, mozzarella, Swiss cheese.   I love pineapple on pizza! But the real surprise on this half was the Swiss cheese. It was mild, stretchy and a lovely accent to the pineapple.  Niels and I discovered a shared love of pineapple on pizza.

1/2 CROSSROADS CHEESEBURGER PIE - ground beef, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar.  This was Jeff's pick. It was great. The ground beef was nice and lean and (I think) the bacon was parcooked and drained before it went on the pie which cut down the grease a lot.  It was a great cheeseburger pie without being to literal (I've seen mayo, mustard and pickles on cheeseburger pies before, Yuck).
1/2 JACK LONDON - pepperoni,  sausage, Canadian bacon, smoked bacon , hamburger. This was Ammon's Pick. Meaty! Heavy! Filling! Yummy!

Dr. Ho's Hubble Pie

3586 Monacan Trail Road
North Garden, VA 22959
(434) 245-0000
Open Daily 11:30am-9pm

Here is a pic of Emily and Niels' Dog Ruffy! I <3 him

Pappy's Poor Man Pizza (VEGAN!)

Yesterday my friend Kenny shared a cute recipe with me that his grandpappy shared with him. he called it Pappy's Poor Man Pizza. We made a vegan version because, well, Kenny is Vegan. It was DELICIOUS! Pizza is for everyone! We used Diya brand vegan cheese and it is great for pizzas! You even get the ninja turtle cheese stretch.  Bonus!

-Salt and Pepper to taste

Slice Baguette and schmear with Veganaise.  Top with basil, tomato, salt, pepper, and cheese. Broil in oven until cheese is melty and awesome. Devour with a friend while watching Crooklyn (Pizza is always made better by the accompaniment of a good friend)  Take a pic and send it to Pizzalicious!

The Dalai Lama is not so Pizzalicious

LOL! JK! He totally is. This is adorable! Thanks to Will for the heads up on this one.