Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New York Times is Pizzalicious!

Actually, We've posted a few NYT items on Pizzalicious! In this one, Melissa Clark hosts a pretty cute tutorial about making pizza at home. I'm sure pizza purists out there will have some beefs but I think there is a lot she gets right and overall this is a great tutorial. She has definitely done her homework and has even studied with Andrew Feinberg (of Franny's fame). I'm stoked to see other pizzalicious ladies out there and I'd love to make a pie with her. Check it out!


1. She doesn't make her own dough. No big deal. I perfer to make my own but some store bought ones like the ones from Pizza Tonight are pretty great. Plus you get high fives for supporting your local pizza joint even when you are cooking at home.

2.  She doesn't have a peel. No big deal. Lots of people don't. I have a good one that I love and it is great for bread and other baking stuff too. But her pan slide method works great!

3. She finishes the pie under the broiler. I don't think this step is really necessary but  I can see how someone would do that.

4. (*GASP) She cuts the pizza with kitchen shears. This is something I have been known to do in a jam and I was lovingly  needled by Paulie Gee for doing it. Just get a wheel they are really cool and come in handy for a lot more than just pizza.

5. She cuts it up in to "bite-sized pieces" Come on! Wedge cut or squares. This isn't pizza rolls.

She's Right!

1. NEVER use a rolling pin and never press too much in the same place.

2. Make your oven as hot as possible and allow time for proper pre-heating

3. Use a pizza stone. It will make way better pizza. I promise.

4. Put fresh herbs on after it comes out of the oven and put dried herbs on before it goes in.

5. Take it easy on the cheese/toppings. This isn't pizza supreme.

6. Use crushed, uncooked tomatoes not spaghetti sauce. Duh.

7. Share it with a friend and eat it right away. I always tell my pizza party guests not to wait for me to eat. Home made pizza will never be better than it is the first few minutes out of the oven. I always encourage guests to eat the fresh pie right away while I am making the next.  I'm not sad. I want them to enjoy the pie at its best and I will enjoy the pizza no matter what. Mangiamo!

8. Make pizza at home! Clark is right, it is so fun and way easier than you think. It makes a great date or activity for kids or fancy meal for one! Do it up.