Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gary Busey, Lil John et. al. are Pizzalicious... I guess.

My friend Harris (AKA Saikyo78 who is also a Pizzalicious contributor) found this crazy link explaining how and more importantly why Gary Busey and the rest of these kunckle heads are Pizzalicious. Apparently the men of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice were slinging pies at New York location of the small Famous Famiglia Pizza chain. Supposedly it was for charity, so, good for them.

 From Moviefone:
(Gary) Busey, Lil Jon and country star John Rich roved the streets outside hoping to get customers, who were looking to come in from the miserable weather outside.

'Partridge Family' member David Cassidy, baseball player Jose Canseco, 'Sugar Ray' frontman Mark McGrath and 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch manned the ovens at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria, while Meat Loaf tended to the register. No word on what the female members of this year's cast were doing, but it was probably something quiet and unassuming.

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