Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brush with Pizza

Drummer JASON SUTTER (Marilyn Manson, Chris Cornell, Foreigner, New York Dolls...) and Sicilian JACK PALMERI - do their thing

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NASA Pizza Printer

NASA is funding a 3D food printer and the first food they are going to print is PIZZA! DUH! Apparently NASA is forking over $250,000 to Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) in Austin, TX for Anjan Contractor, a senior mechanical engineer there to build a prototype of a food synthesizer he has already been working on. Early tests included printed chocolate.

The technology could potentially be used to print food for astronauts on extended or long-distance missions. I think the layered assembly and basic toppings make the project ideal for 3D food printing. NASA is finally putting their budget to good use! This a step towards making a real replicator! Also it is a little bit soilent green-y but...  MAKE IT SO!  If this is a joke I will be so sad.