Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tatical Pizza Action

My good friend Will made this for me for Xmas. He is an exceptionally talented artist and musician. Check out more of art and music.  Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Henry Rollins on the War on Pizza!

Henry Rollins defends pizza lovers of the USA. The legendary punk and front man of Black Flag weighs in on pizza, politics, war, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Partiers and more in this interview.  Particularly interesting is his view on the troubles of pizza lovers in this country.

 "War or pizza? Hmmmm, I think most people are going for pizza. But somehow that is politicized into 'If you like pizza you're weak on defense. If you like pizza you love the Taliban and are a Communist' and that's where it ends."

These outlandish and unfounded allegations will NOT be tolerated by the pizza-loving patriots of this country! Thank you Mr. Rollins for pointing out that pizza is a much more appetizing option than war, bullshit and sickening health-care system.

Props to my friend Will for the heads up on this one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheese scandal rocks USDA

Image: Tom Mason
What a silly headline, but it is true. The New York Times' Michael Moss recently exposed some rather backwards happenings in the US Department of Agriculture. An entity called Dairy Management Inc. has been created as a marketing program within the USDA with the goal to promote and sell cheese products. Lots of people like extra cheese, so what's the problem? 

Well the problem is that cheese is often high in saturated fat and calories which can contribute to heart disease and obesity, and these promotions are happening along side the First Lady and the USDA's federal campaign to reduce obesity and promote healthy eating. In addition to this federal funding is being spent on these multi-million dollar corporations for product development and for ad campaigns. In the USDA's Path to Personal Health brochure they even specifically suggest ordering pizza with half the cheese. 

Image: Nutri-Shun Corp Comics
Dairy Management has been in cahoots with both Pizza Hut and Domino's (and Taco Bell, and Wendy's )  to sell products with more cheese. According to Moss' research, Dairy Marketing recently partnered with Domino's Pizza to create new pies with up to 40% more cheese. This line of extra cheesy pies was promoted with a $12M marketing campaing that Dairy Managment (a part of the USDA) paid for. The new pies, (which include menu items from the American Legends(r) and Feasts(r) series such as the Wisconsin Six Cheese, Philly Cheese Steak, Bacon Cheeseburger Feast, and ExtravaganZZa Feast) and the promotion of Domino's "new and improved" recipe have sky rocketed sales... for Domino's... a corporation... that doesn't share profit with the USDA...

In a 1999 memo to Gita Gale, Manager of Cheese Marketing for  Dairy Marketing Inc, Derek Correia,(former Director of Product Innovation, Pizza Hut) and Lisken Lawler (Director of Concept Development, Pizza Hut),  wrote how excited they were about Gale's presentation and  wrote ‘Let’s sell more pizza and more cheese!’ They also signed  the memo as Lord and Lady of Cheese rather than include their actual job titles. Cute. These meetings resulted in Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Crust Pizza and 2002's six-week "Summer of Cheese" campaign, which resulted in the use of 102 million additional pounds of cheese, by Pizza Hut.

This extra cheese phenomenon might seem like a delicious idea but it can actually be very unhealthy. Chemical analysis of a medium Wisconsin Six Cheese pizza from Domino's reveled some hard truths about extra cheese.  One slice contains 12g of saturated fat which is more that three quarters of the recommended daily amount. and 430 calories People are average are eating more cheese.
 Moss wrote "Americans now eat an average of 33 pounds of cheese a year, nearly triple the 1970 rate. Cheese has become the largest source of saturated fat; an ounce of many cheeses contains as much saturated fat as a glass of whole milk."
Mozzarella Consumption
Cheese Consumption

Despite criticism from nutritional experts this extra cheese push doesn't show signs of slowing. Dairy Management  Inc. has an annual budget of nearly $140M from fees the government collects from the dairy industry. DMI receives an additional several million dollars from the USDA. They are standing by their extra cheese pizzas by claiming it supports rural framing/dairy communities and that cheese is an important source of calcium.

It is important to mention that the pizzas discussed in this article/cheese scandal are specialty pizzas that have up to 40% more cheese than usual. Right now for a large (14") pizza Domino's uses 7 oz of cheese and Pizza Hut and Little Caesars both use 8oz.

Read more about this cheesy scandal.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


My good friend Earl Yevak is stationed in Iraq right now but he recently went on vacation in Italy and had some pizza at a place in Palermo called SciuScià. That means "shoeshine" in Italiano! I know Earl loves pizza and I'm looking forward to his posts.

Hello. Or maybe I should say "Ciao!?" Either way, greetings greetings. Lauren V. is one of my great friends, who I love dearly. 

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a few European Countries, and eat a lot of really great food. Since I was traveling on a budget my diet consisted mainly of pizza!! I was emailing back and forth with Lauren about some of the better places to visit while I was there, and also the better spots to eat. Although I wasn't able to make it to Naples, the birth place of pizza (*Lauren and I had a conversation earlier today about how there actually is a big debate that pizza originated in the middle east somewhere, but we won't get into that now), I was able to eat at a lot of really good tasting spots in some of the cities I visited. One of the better pizzerias I found was down in Palermo, a place called SciuScià.

The wait was about an hour, but well worth it. I was starving when I sat down, but they quickly brought an assortment of hush-puppies and french fries. My server, who was also the owner, was very sociable. I had already decided to try the spinach and Gorgonzola from reading through the menu while I was waiting. It came out in maybe 10-12 minutes, which was surprisingly fast, since the restaurant was packed as full as it could get. 

Something I failed to realize, due to my poor Italian, was that I had ordered a white pizza, instead of a red pizza. Now, I'm a pizza fan, probably in almost all of it's forms, but I do prefer red pizzas, so I was a little disappointed. However, it was delicious! I couldn't complain. 

As I mentioned before, I wasn't able to visit Naples, but from how I've heard the pizzas described from Naples, this is probably the closest to the real thing I've had (I guess literally and figuratively). About halfway through I got pretty full, and just relaxed and watched the crowds of families and friends laughing and carrying on. The atmosphere was very good. It wasn't too loud or quiet.

On the way out I noticed a room that was decorated with some information from trips the owner has taken to Africa. From what I understood, a portion of the restaurants profit goes to helping fund a few charities in various countries in Africa. Sooo... I would recommend eating here if you happen to be down in Sicily anytime soon. Get great food, and bless someone else's life also!

Oh I almost forgot, Sciuscià is located Via Dante, 212 90141 Palermo, Italy. Check it out!

- Earl Yevak

Pizza Samurai

My friend Will and I entered a Little Caesars Halloween Costume Contest. Read more about it on Slice.
This is our entry:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween pizza!

Did you know that Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year for pizza delivery? Sylvia Rector just wrote all about it in the Detroit Free Press. I hope my pal, A Pizza Girl, is hanging in there. There are lot of strange types about on Halloween, lots of nutters.
Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mummy Pizza

Check out this cute snack from Ellen Jacob and The Examiner. They are perfect for a Halloween snack. This is a great use of string cheese sticks too.

• English muffins
• Pizza sauce
• Black olives
• Scallions
• Red or green pepper
• Cheese sticks or slices

1. Heat the oven to 350º F. For each mummy, spread a tablespoon of pizza sauce onto half of an English muffin (toast it first, if you like).
2. Set olive slices in place for eyes and add round slices of green onion or bits of red or green pepper for pupils.
3. Lay strips of cheese (we used a pulled-apart cheese stick) across the muffin for the mummy’s wrappings.
4. Bake for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the muffin is toasty.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombie Pizza App

Appy Entertainment has released a new game called  Zombie Pizza. For just $0.99 you can dish up brain and eyeball pizza to hungry zombies. The animations look great and I think this is a must have for pizza lovers this Halloween. You can download it at from the App store on iTunes or check it out at the APPY website.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pizzalicious status updates.

Victoria Aracri Deroche is a pizza fanatic from Richmond and blogger/business owner of Pizza Tonight RVA

Sean Taylor is an actor, comedian and pizza fanatic from New York who also blogs and commits to eating pizza every day for the month of October (National Pizza Month). Of course Paulie Gee's is one of  Brooklyn's newest Neapolitan style pizzerias owned by the one and only Paulie Gee. <3

Some people are just so silly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

two for one!

My  best bud  Kelly posted this ridiculous necklace on my Facebook page. It is a 14K yellow gold slice with a couple of 3mm rubies for pepperoni.


The Richmond Tri-Cities area Little Caesars' are having a Halloween Costume Contest. the prize is FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR! So of course my friend Will and I are diligently working on a pizza costume to blow all the other costumes our of the water! I'll follow  up with results after we win on  November 1.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gary Busey, Lil John et. al. are Pizzalicious... I guess.

My friend Harris (AKA Saikyo78 who is also a Pizzalicious contributor) found this crazy link explaining how and more importantly why Gary Busey and the rest of these kunckle heads are Pizzalicious. Apparently the men of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice were slinging pies at New York location of the small Famous Famiglia Pizza chain. Supposedly it was for charity, so, good for them.

 From Moviefone:
(Gary) Busey, Lil Jon and country star John Rich roved the streets outside hoping to get customers, who were looking to come in from the miserable weather outside.

'Partridge Family' member David Cassidy, baseball player Jose Canseco, 'Sugar Ray' frontman Mark McGrath and 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch manned the ovens at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria, while Meat Loaf tended to the register. No word on what the female members of this year's cast were doing, but it was probably something quiet and unassuming.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pizza Boxes

My friend Alyssa posted this cute link to a ton of really interesting pizza box art. Of course I told her that many of them were in the collection of Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours.

Check out this really cute one from Jojo's Pizza Inn as photographed by Jimmy Tyler.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facebook Black Bean Pizza

It seems like my Facebook wall is always blowing up with pizza related things. So from now on I'm going to try to post them here too.

Here is a real doozy from my friend Allison (who has been featured on Pizzalicious before)
She tagged me in a photo of of some black bean pizza. I think this is just an open face quesadilla like Rude Robbie commented.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Campfire Pizza

Went on an outdoors adventure with some friends - a hike-in cabin in the mountains. We love to eat well, so we adapted our grilled pizza for the campfire. It was a lot different than we expected, here are some tips we learned to help your next back country adventure be as delicious as the scenery:
The Fire: our campsite had a grill rack that swung over the firepit- totally necessary for the pizza. The guys stoked the fire: hot coals, not flames, were what we needed, & it needed TLC to get there. The fire was a mix of fir & birch, downed wood from the area.

The Crust: Trader Joe's premade white pizza crust. This easy cheat was a big help in the prep, thou one crust, stretched into two pies, was not enough food for four hungry hikers. Next time I'll bring two.
Unlike in the oven or on the more even fire of the grill, we found the crust needed to be a lot thicker than normal to cook well. The first pie, a thin one, was a somewhat burned cracker that stuck maddeningly to the foil.

Foil: is foil the unsung hero of campfire eating? While the fire was turning to coals, we wrapped sliced onion & new potato & a whole head of garlic in foil, seasoned with pepper & stuck it into the inferno to get delicious. Leftovers were was used in the morning's roasted garlic hashbrowns.

For the pizzas, we ultimately ended up with little foil boats for the crust to cruise around in; top down when the raw crust was put on (we used pancake mix in lieu of cornmeal to keep it from sticking), and then, once the pies were topped, we folded the foil around it, creating personal ovens to keep the hot air from escaping into the cold night. They were spun around to ensure even heating.

The Sauce: my bff made killer fennel seed tomato sauce from scratch (with NY's bumper tomato year, fresh sauce was a must). Another key to camping, she froze it overnight so it would serve as an icepak for other coldstuffs.

Toppings: in addition to the firebaked garlicky onions & potatoes, we also had sliced red peppers (which we'd also have the following dinner), as well as manchego & a smoked gouda. Pizza was our first night on the trip, so even though we didn't have refrigeration, we indulged our love of cheese. That said, hard cheese held up much better than any mozzarella or softer cheese would have.

Manchego-Potato and Gouda-Pepper-Onion Pizzas- delicious!

When you've been hiking all day just about anything tastes good, but why sacrifice your gourmet ideals just because you're far from civilization? Lots can be done in advance, like sauces, spice mixes, & chopped ingredients- this way we only carry what we need.

Hope your next camp out is delicious too!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Captain Picard is Pizzalicious

I wonder if Captain Picard ends every call to the pizza parlor with "That's an order!" I would eat pizza with Picard any day of the week.

OMG. This is available for you to buy for me at Think Geek.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Epicute does Pizza

Since I was already trolling the icanhascheezburger universe yesterday I thought I would pop over to Epicute and see what they had going on with their pizza game. It isn't as tight as I had hoped for but there were some cute posts.

Exhibit A: Pizza Cats
So cute!

Exhibit B: Pizza Hearts
This is what my heart looks like for sure.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Justin Bieber is pizzalicious... I guess.

I saw these over at the Icanhascheezburger empire. Apparently these are actual quotes from Bieber's new autobiography. LOL!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Straight from Marcello's Mouth

My mom and older sister are in Vancouver, BC, Canada right now and are looking for a good pizza spot no doubt. I hope they find one and blog it when they get back!

I was looking for recommendations on Slice and I came across this wacky oven that was originally posted on the blog, This Is Pizza. I have just added it to the list of pizzalicious links.

This impressive oven is located in Marcello pizzeria in Vancouver. Their Neapolitan style wood-burning oven is in the shape of a sun with a face. I hope Mom and Rose get a chance to check it out.

Photo: Adam Lindsley, This is Pizza.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Wayside Center is Pizzalicious!

I have spent the better part of the last month or so raising money for the Wayside Center For Popular Education. As part of their first annual fundraiser, The Wayside Cup the Center invited people to form teams and find creative ways to raise money and then participate in a field day event. The team with the most points would win.

I formed Team Totally Awesome, and I have to say we were off to a great start. As team captain I pledged to raise $1000 and we made over $500 at our first fund raising event- a Cut-A-Thon hosted by the lovely ladies at Salon Bleu in Richmond.

Next we had a very successful bake sale at the South of the James Farmer's Market. We parked our bake sale boat right next to our friends and teammates from Root Force Collective Farm. It was another success and that night we celebrated at the benefit show where B.Ultra & Basic (pictured), Pixeltank, and El Radon played their amazing music. Some very skilled hula hoopers from RVA HoOp Lovers also performed. On this lovely day we made close to $300.

This is when Jeff Winder and I made a side bet. If Jeff's team, Nelson County Nirvana, raised more money that Team Totally Awesome, I would have to throw Jeff and his team a pizza party! If we won (which at the time seemed very likely) then Jeff would be throwing a pizza party for Team Totally Awesome.

Well my friends, it got down to the wire and we were very close. Jeff used my pizza skills to lure people into donating more money and in the end NCN raised $1,100 and TTA raised $1,020. That $80 lead means that I will be heading back to the Wayside Center to make pizza for Jeff. TTA May have gotten to $1,000 first, but believe it or not we actually came in 3rd place for money raised. Congrats to the Peanut Gallery from DC for raising $1,500! And congrats to DC Strikeforce for winning the Wayside Cup with the most points from the field day events, which included a scavenger hunt, three-legged race, water balloon toss, spelling bee, trivia, karaoke, tug of war, and an insane pie eating contest (in which the Tidewater Radnecks totally dominated).

The rest of the weekend was an incredible gathering of new and old friends, bonfires, hiking along train tracks, music and delicious food. I can't wait for the 2011 Wayside Cup. Also, I met a puppy.

I'm SO proud of my team, Emily, Kontra, and Laura, for working so hard and exceeding our goal. I'm really proud of all the teams that participated and worked to raise money to keep the Wayside Center going. We all raised over $8,000 in total, which feels really great.

We'll work out a Team Totally Awesome/Nelson County Nirvana pizza party and report back to you Pizzalicious Fans. In the mean time, There is still a lot of work to be done and money to be raised for the Wayside Center so check out their calendar of events and see if there is a conference you would like to attend or head over to the donation page and contribute what you can to support this radical place.

Watch this video to learn more.

The Wayside Center celebrates its inauguration // El Centro Wayside celebra su inauguración from J LAW on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


By: Videorose
Pizzamoto is a mobile pizza truck in Brooklyn, NY.

I've been meaning to try PizzaMoto when I see it around the city, at assorted street fairs, and finally got my chance on overcast Sunday's Atlantic Antic. It was definitely the highlight of the Antic (or maybe second to the vintage glass earrings I bought); hands down the best street pizza I've eaten. They bravely cart around a wood-fired oven, and they're slinging pizza into it as fast as they can to accommodate the steady line. Their $4 slices only come in 'plain', or it's perhaps a margherita? Some kind of delicious fresh mozz put raw in chunks on the pie that oozes across once baked, and a nicely tart and fresh-tasting tomato sauce. Best, once out of the oven, they finish it with a splash of olive oil ('Mmmm, drizzle" said the guy in line behind me). I top it with some oregano and we're good to go, fortified to survive the rest of the fair. It's no small feat to carry your own wood oven to assorted venues in Brooklyn, all in the name of a pizza done right. Thanks for lunch, PizzaMoto!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Pizza Month!

October is National Pizza Month! Stay tuned to Pizzalicious for lots of fun pizza updates. You can use this Pizzalicious Pin Up Calendar page to keep track of all of your pizza dates this month. It is my gift to you! Just click to enlarge and print it out!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google is (a little too) pizzalicious

Google's new Google Mobile commercial is very long and very pizzalicious. In true Google fashion there are hidden links and Easter eggs in this 10 minute long commercial. Plus towards the end he finally gets something to eat, but it isn't what you're expecting. So I guess that is Google making a joke.

To see the hidden surprises, click on:
basketball 00:42
azzip 01:21
The area to the right 01:47
torture machine (joke) on the left 03:27
the panel on the left 04:38
horse 05:50
Godzilla 06:34
face AND left arm of Santa Claus 07:59
Toast 09:12

Monday, September 27, 2010

Olsen Twins Remix

The Olsen Twins appear in this super creepy screwed up version of their Pizza Song.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pizzalicious in Richmond Magazine

The October issue of Richmond Magazine features a special food magazine which shares the divine pizzalicious wisdom of myself as well as the guys from Pamparius. It also features a lot of other pizza-related articles and recipes. Pick up a copy and a pizza.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Epic Pizza Delivery Scooter

Oh my gosh, watching this commercial made me almost have a heart attack. Then ending is great though.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pizza-la song

This is a long form commercial for Pizza La  Pizza in Japan. Like most pizza commercials from Japan it is really weird. I don't speak Japanese and I couldn't find a version with subtitles. But from the looks of it, they start in Spain and end up in Russia....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pizza Beer

Athena and Tom Seefurth came up with this recipe in 2006. They put tomatoes, garlic and herbs into the mash and later even put in a whole wheat crust. There is no cheese in Pizza Beer though, don't worry.

 I'd totally try this.  Would you?
I've been trying to get my pals Dave and Sean to make garlic beer for a while. Maybe I need to get my hands on some of this and share it with them to inspire them

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tower of Pizza

I should have blogged this a long time ago.  No that is not a tower of empty pizza boxes ready to be filled with hot pies for deliveries. That is a tower of empty pizza boxes, smeared with sauce and cheese remains of pies devoured by my friend Will. Will used to have a real problem with $5 Hot and Ready pizza. What started out as garbage by the back door grew into a hilarious inside joke between Will and his stomach. What is really wild is that this is only half of the stack-- about 50 boxes.

Luckily I think Will has sort of chilled with the cardboard crusty stuff, and got rid of the tower. However, those cheap pizzas provided much needed fuel for making his new album. Which you can listen to here:

<a href="">Behind The Black Curtain It Moves by B.Ultra&amp;Basic</a>

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jim Lahey's Margherita!

Aw, here we go! Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery/Co. fame showed the readers of New York magazine how a he makes a pizza Mergherita a while back. Be still my heart! This handsome pizzaiolo/baker/writer/sculptor can make me a pizza any day of the week, just shape it like a heart if you're into it Jim. You know what I'm sayin'. ;-) <3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

VPN Makes A Margherita!

VPN Americas President Peppe Miele makes a Pizza Margherita.  Miele's  Antica Pizzeria was the first restaurant in the US certified by the A.V.P.N. in Naples, Italy.

Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) is an international trade association, founded in Naples, Italy, in 1984 with the intention to promote and regulate the culinary traditions and nuances of the Neapolitan pizza. They do this by setting and maintaining a strict set of rules for making Neapolitan style pizza. Those rules regulate everything from the flour used to make the dough to the cheese to the oven/fire in which a pie is baked.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Richmond just got more Pizzalicious!

I want to introduce my pal Melissa to you. She is one pizzalicious babe and I know she will have a lot of great posts and amazing photos to add to this blog. Welcome Melizza! (See what I did there?)  We're so glad to have you on board.

My name is Melissa, and I am a friend of Lauren’s who is going to be contributing to this blog from time to time. I was giddy when she asked me; I hadn't thought about starting my own pizza blog but I am so thrilled to document my adventures on this site!

I never ate pizza until a few years ago, as I was not able to stomach cheese. Thankfully my tastes changed and I’ve been pleased to have some really amazing pizza in Richmond, as well as other parts of the country. I don’t cook, but I love baking, especially bread, so pizza-making came naturally to me. I like to adjust ingredients and rises with the dough to get different flavors and try different temperatures to see what gives me the most pleasing crust.

I recently got married and went to California on my honeymoon where I tried several excellent west coast pizza interpretations. I wrote about it here, mostly for my family who like to ask lots of questions about what I did on my honeymoon.

Richmond has seen a recent influx of wood-fired pizza joints, and since I had a birthday recently, I decided to try two of them, Bellytimber Tavern and Stuzzi.

Belly Timber 01
Bellytimber: 1501 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, (804) 592-5592

We went to Bellytimber around 5:45 on Friday and it was nearly empty, which I felt was a bad sign. Also a bad sign: the small beer list. However, the bar, tables and lights are gorgeous and I love the row of fans above the bar which run on a single motor. The oven was a few feet from our table but I never felt warm and the place smelled amazing.

Belly Timber 05
My Margherita

Tim got a plain cheese pie, while PJ ordered a veggie and I got my usual margherita (aka their basil and capers without the capers). The pictures I had seen made the pizza look thick and similar to delivery pie. But it’s SO MUCH BETTER than that. The crust is actually pretty thin—it’s light, chewy and delicious. I liked that the pie was well-seasoned and it was the perfect one-person size (10”) at a very reasonable price ($8). They were very generous with the basil, which I really appreciated.

Belly Timber 06
The Veggie

Belly Timber 03
The upskirt

I will definitely come here again and I can see it being a regular hangout for my friends and I, especially once they shape up their beer list (I recommend they check out Rivermont Pizza in Lynchburg, which has a huge rotating list of micro-brews for $5 a pint). The pizza is solid and might be amongst my favorite red sauce pies in Richmond.

That Sunday my parents took us to Stuzzi. There has been so much buzz and negative chatter about this place I was afraid to go there with anyone, especially my parents who have not had the experience with Neapolitan pizza that PJ and I have.

Stuzzi 01
Stuzzi is pretty inside!
Stuzzi: One North Belmont Richmond, Virginia, 804-308-3294

Let’s get the bad out there: it is really hot in there with the wood stove, it’s insanely crowded, and the owner (?) seemed like kind of a jerk, demanding the hostess give him the phone when she appeared to be handling the customer on the other end just fine. Just like with Bellytimber, the beer list was disappointing, but thinking about it I haven’t ever been to a Neapolitan place with an amazing beer list.

Stuzzi 03
My margherita: the basil was good but sparse

Everyone got either a margherita (me and PJ) or a variation on a margherita (my dad had sausage and my mom had one with olives and goat cheese). I was a little bothered that the pizza was not round like other Neapolitan pizza I’d had and the cornicone looked lumpy and weird.

Stuzzi 04
My dad would like you to know there wasn't enough sausage on this

Stuzzi 05
My mom says they should have cut the olives in half and spread them out

However, I enjoyed the pizza’s absolutely fantastic bright San Marzano sauce and creamy cheese. The crust was fine and I didn’t think that the middle was “soupy” as I read on local food blogs. It was wet like all other similar pizza I have eaten. The cornicone tasted good and the char on the bottom really added to the flavor. I think the only problem was that afterward it felt heavy in my stomach. Motorino in New York City has such a light, puffy cornicone and I was expecting something more like that. Perhaps the dough did not have the right rise time or wasn’t stretched properly—I get the same kind of cornicone at home when I take the dough out of the fridge too late. I did eat the whole thing though!

Stuzzi 06

Since it was my birthday I was given a dessert by our sweet waitress: tiramisu! It is my favorite thing to order from an Italian bakery and I was happy that Stuzzi’s was booze-soaked and authentic.

Stuzzi 02
Tiramisu: big thumbs up!

I will definitely find myself at Bellytimber a lot in the future: I love the cozy vibe, the beautiful décor, the kind wait staff, as well as the tasty pizza. If I want a Neapolitan pie and don’t feel like driving to 2Amys in DC, Stuzzi (walking distance to my apartment too!) is a perfectly acceptable substitute. *Note* I have been to Bellytimber since my original visit, and I thought the pie was cooked a bit too much. I am sure they are still figuring things out and I will keep going there.

Since I make pizza at home at least once a week, I am going to try to write about it on here, despite my apartment’s lack of natural light. I also like to go on road trips and try local favorites. I post photos of things I make on flickr sometimes and here is the set of photos from these trips.

Thanks to Lauren for asking me to write for Pizzalicious!