Friday, June 25, 2010

Andy Roddick is Pizzalicious!

The Telegraph reported today that Andy Roddick crushed Philipp Kohlschreiber like a pizza box going into the recycling bin today at Wimbledon.

They also reported that Roddick delivered his buddy John Isner a carb-heavy meal on Wednesday, which included chicken, mashed potatoes and three pizzas. The exhausted Isner recently won an 11-hour long match against  Nicholas Mahut. That's the longest tennis game in history!

Bravo Andy Roddick for being a truly pizzalicious friend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fan throws dough; Italy blows game

Metro posted this picture of an Italy fan throwing dough (is that a Throw Dough?) at the Italy-Slovokia game in the FIFA World Cup.

Italy  had a shocking loss (3-2) against Slovakia at Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fabio Cannavaro, 36, is the captain for the Italian international team. On the FIFA website had some harsh words about the state of soccer in Italy and the  loss to Slovokia, who are World Cup noobs.

"Thursday was one of the ugliest nights ever," he said. "There was insecurity, fear. Slovakia played calmly, not us. (In) the faces of my team-mates there was too much tension. The match on Thursday was our worst."

I was sad to see Italy booted from the tournament. I am a fan of AS Roma. The Italian international team only had ONE player from AS Roma, the lonely bearded midfielder, Daniele De Rossi. The team was still full of hunks, but none as hunky as Totti.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Funday Breakfast Pizza

Picture it: Sunday. Glorious. Warm.

Brunch? Yes please. We agree to a rare turn & go out, but for something we can't make (a hard feat as my Mr. Smooth is the master of breakfast and all things butter) & our new neighborhood has tons of places we haven't checked out yet. We'd stopped in to Ortine, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn for a warm-up one snowy Sunday when we were scoping out potential apartments; their strong French coffee was calling us back. Bonus on this spring day: they have a patio with a cherry tree, roses and herb garden. Double bonus: pizza for breakfast. We're in.

I like egg on a pizza. DC's Pizza Paradiso has the Bottarga - the egg cracked on in the last minutes in the oven, left runny so you have yolk to mop up with your crust. This was my introduction to the concept, and they do it right. Another DC pizza joint serves brunch pizza with egg and hash browns; a bit dry for my taste (thou as a vegetarian I'm missing the greasiness bacon normally provides), but good with hot sauce and a hangover (and probably a bloody mary)

But on to the pizza in front of us:

The Ortine Breakfast Pizza: two local eggs baked hard, kalamata olives, goat cheese, thyme, Parmesan. omnivores can have it with sausage, but olives are the veg version.

Yum. Oven-baked pie with expertly chewy crust, the thyme totally bringing an unexpected freshness. hard-baked eggs were not what I expected but it worked. And the cheese,. ..the cheese. I want it to take me on a date and tell me about it's day. Not straight chevre, it was in another place. Mmm.

By about half way in, I was a little over-salted. the olives were overdoing it, and I wanted something a little milder. I think next time I'll go with the roasted mushrooms (or perhaps better, some of each?!)

We're luckily abound with great fancy 'za in this neighborhood (unfortunately a regular old slice is somewhat lacking), this is the closest to my house and is a solid place for a pizza. They have homemade pasta $10 prix fixe dinners on Monday nights and I'm impressed with/grateful for the breadth of their local ingredients and vegetarian options (also gluten-free dough for you folk). Mr. Smooth had their biscuits and mushroom gravy (could've used more gravy both otherwise excellent, already getting points from the southerners for having vegetarian gravy). Extra points for cute non-matching dishes and sweet staff.

What's your thought on egg pizza? Do you do it at home? Is the home oven even hot enough to pull that off? Lay it on me, ya'll (there's a chicken pun for ya.)

Tales of Pizza: Part Four: Barquitos

When I was a young student of Richmond Public Schools, we were often served a very weird pizza-like dish called "barquitos" for lunch in the cafeterium (cafeteria+auditorium+gymnasium).  I have NEVER been able to find out anything about barquito pizza on the internet. I did however, find out that barquito means little boat in Spanish.

A barquito is basically a french bread pizza topped with seasoned taco meat (probably left over lunch the day before) and cheddar cheese.  I feel like maybe there was a similar dish with sloppy joe meat but who can really be sure. I have done my best to block out school lunch from my memories.

What is this dish? I only ever had it in elementary school. Is it the concoction of a lunch lady? Is it a real food item? What is a barquito?

I love Slice...

and Slice loves me back!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Master Splinter is Pizzalicious!

I'm stoked to welcome my friend Harris as a new contributor for the Pizzalicious blog! I know he will make some awesome posts!


It's not every day you get to write something for one of your favorite blogs. I'm truly honored to be part of Pizzalicious!!! If you know me, you know that I too have a true love for all things pizza and I'm always excited to see all the different takes and variations on it.

Does anyone remember this? It's one in a sea of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books geared towards kids in the early 1990s. What's special about this one in particular is that it contains the recipe for the first pizza I ever got to make!!

Splinter's Eazy Pizzas are basically pizzas prepared on English muffins then baked in the oven. They're pretty simple, but there was something pretty great about being able to make your own pizzas as a kid with whatever toppings you could imagine. My sister and I came up with some pretty intense combinations!! It was always fun just to dig through the fridge and experiment.

Here's the link for the recipe: Splinter's Easy Pizzas!
They're still great for snacking or if you don't have a lot of time to cook!! Enjoy!!

I'm looking forward sharing what I find in my pizza travels on here!! I owe a big thank you to Lauren for always being awesome and for bringing me on board. Pizza Power!!!

Tales of Pizza: Part Three: The Dog Ate the Pizza!

One night my mom was set to attend a big, fancy function at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She was working there at the time. She ordered two pies for us (probably from the Little Caesar's that was up the street) put them on the table and left my older sister in charge with a couple of movies. We opened the first box and helped ourselves to the hot slices then started the movie.

We killed the first pizza in no time and it was on to the second pie. Someone, went to get seconds and the box was empty.  We looked around and saw our dog, Jasmine, laying next to a big greasy spot on the floor just licking her chops. 

The dog ate the whole pizza! Jasmine was known for getting on a chair and sneaking unattended food off the table. We were upset. We called the museum where a security guard tracked my mom down at the event and told her that her kids were on the phone with a  family emergency. My mom rushed to the phone and frantically asked us what was wrong. We were practically in tears.

"The dog ate a pizza!" we cried. There was a pause. 
"So order another one." My mom said through her teeth.

Here is where the story divides. My mom insists that we were upset there was no more pizza, but we remember being upset that the dog was going to get sick.

In any case the dog was fine but, she had wicked bad farts for a few days. And we soon moved on to bragging that our dog ate a whole pizza. Here is a picture of our beautiful dog, Jasmine, who died in 2004.

Tori Spelling is Pizzalicious

The New York Post recently reported that Tori Spelling ordered Domino's pizza at a recent book release party at Highbar lounge. She arrived late (maybe after all the hors d'oeuvres were gone) because she had promised to sign every book at Borders.  Spelling's Rep said "Signing all those copies left Spelling hungry: She ordered a Domino's pizza during the party and wolfed down three slices."

Domino's?! Really? It is true that the menu at Highbar is not that impressive but surely someone could have suggested a better place to order pizza than a Domino's. Google Maps tells me that there is a Famous Original Ray's Pizza just one block away, even that would be better, right?

Forget Tori Spelling, let's talk Donna Martin. There was a girl who knew what was up with pizza! In this clip from Beverly Hills 90210 Donna is more interested in pizza than having sex with her boyfriend. Remember?  HA!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tales of Pizza: Part Two: I Loved Pizza Pizza!

Being the children of a single, working mom, we were no stranger to pizza in its many incarnations: pizza kits, frozen pizza and of course the big chains! On rare (awesome) occasions we would order out for pizza. Our standard order was one plain cheese and one with pepperoni, black olives and green peppers. Later we would add mushrooms to the mix.

When we were kids there was a Little Caesar's up the street from our house. We always ordered from Little Caesar's because my mom was totally anti-Pizza Hut and Domino's was too far away. Papa John's didn't come to Richmond until we were a little older. Some times we would order delivery but we usually went to pick it up. I loved going to pick it up.

If someone asked me to recreate this location tomorrow I could do it exactly. I remember everything about this place. It had slotted wooden benches and ugly, burgundy tiles on the floor. The counter was directly in front of the door. Some cranky high school kid was behind it tagging orders to go out for delivery. You could see a glimpse of the kitchen though this stainless steel counter and shelf  that separated it from the register/lobby. Sometimes (awesome times) you could even see them toss the dough in the air. To the left was an office and a giant pizza photo mural on the wall. It was huge, floor to ceiling. The mural was totally predictable-- a slice of supreme pizza being pulled away from a pie with strings of cheese following it. The pie was on a wooden peel with veggies and pepperoni and cheese piled up around it.   You know what iIm talking about. It went something like this: 

The thing I remember most about this place is the smell. It was a pretty small place and it was always filled with this unbelievably good smell.The kind of smell that you just can't breath in deep enough to fully appreciate. It was sweet and a little salty and a little sour. I now know that what I was smelling was a combination of dough and baking pizzas. This smell was just amazing to me. I don't think I ever missed an opportunity to go pick up a pizza there just so I could breath it in.

Little Caesar's has changed the recipe and quality of their pizza since the late 80's/early 90's, and of course my taste in pizza has changed considerably, but I gotta tell you I have some serious "Pizza Pizza" nostalgia. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

As the world turns

Here is a great find from Getty Images by photographer Butch Martin.  I love it!

Tales of Pizza: Part One: Chef Boyardee

Pizza! Wow, I have so many great memories of pizza and while I don't remember my first slice I can still reach pretty far back into the vaults for some good times. I'm going to recall these moments in a new series with stories of my most influential pizzalicious memories.

Chef Boyardee pizza kits!  I'm sure they have come a long way since it hit supermarket shelves in the 50s. Hell I'm sure it has come a long way since my siblings and I used to make it with my mom in the 80's. and 90's. The Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit is definitely one of my earliest pizza memories. It was one of the first things remember learning to cook by myself.

I remember so vividly  helping my mom and taking turns mixing that greasy ball of dough. I remember that little can of super salty sauce with those tiny pepperoni slices, that paper envelope of cheese powder, that bland and crispy crust. I remember  watching it bake into this crispy orange disc. My siblings and I  would wait with watering mouths as the house filled up with the smell of that pizza. I can still pick out the smell of a Chef BOY-AR-DEE pizza anywhere, any time.

To our delight my mom would occasionally add olives or mushrooms or real pepperoni. On the nights when she added extra cheese we were in heaven. Some times I pick up a pizza kit at the store and though my pizza palette has improved leaps and bounds over the years it always brings up good memories. 

I recently spoke with my mom about the Chef Boyardee pizza kit. She told me that when she was a kid, pizza was not a regular player in her family's menu. But, on nights when my granddad would work late, my grandma would sometimes break out a CB pizza kit. She thought maybe it was because my grandpa didn't like pizza. And you know i can sort of vaguely remember thinking the same thing about him when I was a kid.

Mom also told me that she and our uncle Bob would make a b-line for pizza whenever they went to the beach as a family. She loves to tell me that story, about how when she would go to the beach all she wanted to eat was pizza. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questionable Content

For those of you who follow the web comic Questionable Content, you may already know that Pizza Girl makes several appearances. No one knows if the Pizza Girl is real or if she just has to wear the outfit for her job. Here she is episode 399. Click to enlarge.

The Great Equalizer

OCD pizza fans rejoice! There is a gadget that will help you get the equal sized slices that you have been stressing about. Simply order a pie from your favorite pizzeria, and specify that it should not be cut. When it arrives, just bust out your $190-$250 Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter and cut your pie into six, eight, ten or twelve even slices. Never again will you have to worry about who got a bigger slice!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pizza in the shape of... A Cat posted a bunch of silly pizza pics including this one shaped like a cat. For another cat shaped pizza recipe (also a skull and ghost) check out my Halloween pizza post.