Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fan throws dough; Italy blows game

Metro posted this picture of an Italy fan throwing dough (is that a Throw Dough?) at the Italy-Slovokia game in the FIFA World Cup.

Italy  had a shocking loss (3-2) against Slovakia at Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fabio Cannavaro, 36, is the captain for the Italian international team. On the FIFA website had some harsh words about the state of soccer in Italy and the  loss to Slovokia, who are World Cup noobs.

"Thursday was one of the ugliest nights ever," he said. "There was insecurity, fear. Slovakia played calmly, not us. (In) the faces of my team-mates there was too much tension. The match on Thursday was our worst."

I was sad to see Italy booted from the tournament. I am a fan of AS Roma. The Italian international team only had ONE player from AS Roma, the lonely bearded midfielder, Daniele De Rossi. The team was still full of hunks, but none as hunky as Totti.

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