Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday!

Did you know that more pizza is ordered on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year? Damn! In keeping with solidarity for IWW-Pizza Hut Workers Union members in Sheffield, UK I will not be ordering Pizza Hut Pizza today and I encourage you to do the same! Instead try a DIY Pizza. Bake it before the big game to fill your house with a pizzalicious smell!

Here are some interesting and creative takes on making an already awesomely portable food even more game-day-friendly!

Check out Molly Cody's recipe for pull-apart pizza.  You just take a big sourdough boule cut it up and stuff it with your favorite toppings put it back together and bake till it is GBD! then pull it apart again!

Check out this super easy recipe for Ritz cracker pizzas! IT might be a little to "Lunchables" for some folks... but those folks should just stop pretending like they don't like pizza Lunchables. It is the best one.
 Top Ritz crackers with your favorite pizza toppings and bake until cheese is melty! Use sparingly a thicker sauce or even seasoned tomato paste for best results.

A while back I submitted a cute recipe to Slice for pizza cups... not to be confused with pizza cupcakes, which you should also bring to your super bowl party! Mmmmm. Make it even easier by picking up a pizza kit from Pizza Tonight (if you're in RVA) or getting dough from your favorite local pizza joint (if you are elsewhere).

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