Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best Pizza in Richmond

Lots of my pizzalicious friends have been pointing out that currently has a poll on their site for the best pizza in Richmond. However, it has also come to our attention that they have left out several notable pizzerias, namely Jo-Jo's, Sette and Tarantino's.  Here on Pizzalicious we have tried to come up with a more comprehensive list of  beloved pizzerias in order to find out who is REALLY the best.
vote away!

Leave a comment with any joints we missed.


Robo said...

Belmont Pizzeria, too! Not the best, but super-close!

Lauren Vincelli said...
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Anonymous said...

Extreme Pizza

Anonymous said...

The g/f and I love eating pizza from Maldini's in Forest Hill (she also loves the cheesecake). It's the same type of pizza you'd find on Long Island, NY - absolutely killer stuff. It's true authentic NY Style pizza made by real Italians family is from NY so I like to think I know about good pizza ;)

They just started doing online ordering/delivery which is progressive for such a high-quality pizzeria... check it out!

Best Pizza in Richmond, VA

Lauren Vincelli said...

Have you tried Crust & Cream yet?