Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Henry Rollins on the War on Pizza!

Henry Rollins defends pizza lovers of the USA. The legendary punk and front man of Black Flag weighs in on pizza, politics, war, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Partiers and more in this interview.  Particularly interesting is his view on the troubles of pizza lovers in this country.

 "War or pizza? Hmmmm, I think most people are going for pizza. But somehow that is politicized into 'If you like pizza you're weak on defense. If you like pizza you love the Taliban and are a Communist' and that's where it ends."

These outlandish and unfounded allegations will NOT be tolerated by the pizza-loving patriots of this country! Thank you Mr. Rollins for pointing out that pizza is a much more appetizing option than war, bullshit and sickening health-care system.

Props to my friend Will for the heads up on this one.

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