Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tower of Pizza

I should have blogged this a long time ago.  No that is not a tower of empty pizza boxes ready to be filled with hot pies for deliveries. That is a tower of empty pizza boxes, smeared with sauce and cheese remains of pies devoured by my friend Will. Will used to have a real problem with $5 Hot and Ready pizza. What started out as garbage by the back door grew into a hilarious inside joke between Will and his stomach. What is really wild is that this is only half of the stack-- about 50 boxes.

Luckily I think Will has sort of chilled with the cardboard crusty stuff, and got rid of the tower. However, those cheap pizzas provided much needed fuel for making his new album. Which you can listen to here:

<a href="">Behind The Black Curtain It Moves by B.Ultra&amp;Basic</a>

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