Monday, June 21, 2010

Tales of Pizza: Part Three: The Dog Ate the Pizza!

One night my mom was set to attend a big, fancy function at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She was working there at the time. She ordered two pies for us (probably from the Little Caesar's that was up the street) put them on the table and left my older sister in charge with a couple of movies. We opened the first box and helped ourselves to the hot slices then started the movie.

We killed the first pizza in no time and it was on to the second pie. Someone, went to get seconds and the box was empty.  We looked around and saw our dog, Jasmine, laying next to a big greasy spot on the floor just licking her chops. 

The dog ate the whole pizza! Jasmine was known for getting on a chair and sneaking unattended food off the table. We were upset. We called the museum where a security guard tracked my mom down at the event and told her that her kids were on the phone with a  family emergency. My mom rushed to the phone and frantically asked us what was wrong. We were practically in tears.

"The dog ate a pizza!" we cried. There was a pause. 
"So order another one." My mom said through her teeth.

Here is where the story divides. My mom insists that we were upset there was no more pizza, but we remember being upset that the dog was going to get sick.

In any case the dog was fine but, she had wicked bad farts for a few days. And we soon moved on to bragging that our dog ate a whole pizza. Here is a picture of our beautiful dog, Jasmine, who died in 2004.


videorose said...

im gonna have to go with mom on this one, i'm pretty sure we called b/c there was no pizza!

Brawling Barista said...

i'm pretty sure we were upset that the pizza was gone.

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