Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pizzalicious Guitars

Today I am bringing you the most pizzalicious guitars of the internet. Some are real some are real fake and some are real wack, but they are all pizzalicious. And I'm sure they all at some point combine, music, art, beer and pizza. Click images to enlarge. Image: Toddalert

First up we have the Grandiosa Metal Guitar. This guitar was crafted by Finnish guitar makers Amfisound Guitars  (click for more pictures) as a prop for a Finnish TV commercial in 2009. It may please you to know that Grandiosa is the number one selling frozen pizza in Norway and they take this honor very seriously. The Grandiosa company is known for their popular commercials and even released two singles (which were also featured in commercials) that reached the top spot in Norwegian music charts. The first number one single was "Full Pakke" and the second was for "Respekt for Grandiosa."

Here is the commercial for Pizzaperjantai in which the Grandiosa Guitar is featured. Check out more pizzaliciousness after the jump.