Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look at this Bubble Buster

My sister Rose recently sent me a link to this ridiculous contraption made to pop bubbles in pizza dough while it is baking. A pizza bubble popper! Personally I don't mind a few bubbles. I like crust to have good hole structure. I suppose it is a matter of personal taste. Sometimes the big bubbles burn and that is maybe not so great.  My other sister Maya just pointed out that it looks the same as this!

Why are there bubbles in pizza dough?
There are two reasons that your dough might be blowing bubbles. The first is that your dough may be under kneaded. If a recipe says knead for 10 minutes, do that. Over kneading can mess your dough too, but  you know it is a finesse you will learn with practice. 

The other reason you may be getting bubbles is that your dough may have over risen. If you make dough in advance, make sure you punch it down before you press or toss it for a pie. You can also try using another silly kitchen gadget called a docker. A docker is a brayer with little nubs or points on it that make small punctures in the dough. that will keep your dough from blowing bubbles,  you can do this with a fork too. Of course you can always just get this bubble popper.  Ha ha.

Photo: ·Will·


Saikyo78 said...

Ahh!! We have those and a couple variations of Leo's. There's one with two "teeth" with "SNAKE BITE!!" written down the side/eyes drawn on top

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

Where is Leo's?

Pizzablogger said...

Boycott dough dockers! :)

Pizza Girl said...

We have a bubble popper at work, but in general, unless the dough is over-proofed, it isn't needed. I don't know how I feel about bubbles. I certainly like my crust to have little bubbles, but the big ones just shove all the sauce and cheese off.

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