Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stephen Colbert is Pizzalicious!

Stephen Colbert tore into Domino's Pizza's new ad campaign and named them "Alpha Dog of the Week" on  last night's episode of the Colbert Report.  I have to admit when I read about the change in the Domino's recipe I thought... that will be interesting.  It isn't very often that a national chain will make such a HUGE to do about changing their core recipe. As a consumer of both pizza and popular culture and marketing I think i actually LOL's and said WTF? when I saw their ad declaring their old recipe to have a "cardboard crust"

Anyways. Here is Colbert ribbing the national pizza chain like only an aware, snarky, fake conservative can.

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Of course this isn't the only pizzalicious moment from the Colbert Report. Take a look as I count down the top ten most pizzalicious moments on the Colbert Report.


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Brian said...

Ha, yea. That ad campaign confuses me to a degree. "Our product was crap, I mean, I can't believe you guys ate that stuff. BUT NOW! It's totally different. For reals. I mean, we still use fake shit, but still. It's different."