Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pizzalicious Birthday 2009!

I rang in the big 26 with my siblings, friends, tons of cupcakes and dancing! I had a great birthday this year and like last year it was also pizzalicious.


My lovely older sister Rose gifted me with a Pizza Pocket. No, I am NOT talking about a gross HotPocket brand product. I am talking about an adorable little slice that dubs as a purse, make up bag or whatever I want. Perhaps I'll keel my rennet tablets for mozzarella making it it. Or maybe coupons for San Marzano tomatoes,  King Arthur bread flour and Red Star yeast.

The pocket comes from Israeli designer/artist Anat Safran. She has designed Yummy Pockets for, cookies, and tacos. Safran is also the designer of the Pita Pocket and the InfoBook and Info bag.  The cutest thing about these fun pockets is that they look SO realistic. the back of the pocket actually looks like trhe back of a slice., same for the cookie and pita. I love it! It is even the right size for a slice. 

My sister Maya gifted me with a pizzalicious oven mitt.  It looks like a slice of pizza and will be great for pulling hot pies out of the oven. So cute!

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