Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Mozzarella and Pizzalicious resolutions

I got a cheese making kit for Christmas. The kit is for making Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses. I busted it open yesterday and went out to Whole Foods for a gallon of fancy organic milk to get started. Supposedly fresh mozzarella is on of the easiest cheeses to make. Unfortunately my maiden voyage into mozzarella cheese making was not successful at all. Err... I think I over heated it... and used the wrong water... and added the rennet at the wrong time. D'oh.

I was just so excited and I rushed the process a little. So I have spent some time today reading cheese making blogs, reading recipes and watching YouTube tutorials.I am determined to be a mozzarella making master by the end March.

What better place to journal my cheese making adventures than here on Pizzalicious. After all the main reason I was gifted with this cheese making kit was so I could make yummy fresh mozzarella to top homemade pizzas! 

Photos: Latte and Mozzarella toys from Tokidoki's Moofia Collection

A Pizzalicious Resolution
A while back my sister Maya, found and posted this amazing BLT Flowchart on Facebook. My goal is to make a pizza flowchart by the end of the Summer. This is my pizzalicious resolution. I want to make a pizza and document where every ingredient came from! So if you know any wheat millers, yeast culture growers, dairy or pork farmers et. al. let me know. I'm going to grow the tomatoes, and herbs, make the cheese, the dough and maybe even make the pepperoni. Whew I've got a lot of planning and work to do. I need to stay focused and inspired.

I think this video will help with the inspiration for cheese making. This video is from Copat1987 who filmed his Nonno (grandfather) making mozzarella on Easter in 2009.


Morta Di Fame said...

Wow thats awesome. I am gonna try to make some pizza this week, the dough from scratch only. Let me know if you have any good recipes for making the dough. But now I want to make fresh mozarella, too!
One thing at a time. I know that Cayuga Organics has local (to NY) flour. Maybe look into that. Great idea! I can't wait to see the fresh mootz! I made ricotta. Its so easy. And so good!

Pizza Girl said...

I don't know how easy it would be to make pepperoni, but I know that you could probably find a wild-game processor that could get you venison sausage that was killed and processed near you.

Pizzablogger said...

You are right that the process of making fresh mootz is quite straight forward, but making really good mootz ain't as easy as it may seem.

A good step is to look for as minimally pastuerized a milk as possible....ideally good quality raw milk from a local farm (if this is legal in VA)is the bees knees. Can't get raw milk in MD..gotta travel to PA to obtain it :(

Good luck with the mootz-making and post pics of your progress!:)

Pizzablogger said...

Jen, do you have a scale at home to weigh ingredients?

Brian said...

Damn. I love the idea of making your own dough and sauce, but making your own mozzarella? You have redefined hard-core.