Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pizza Party Mix Tape!

A while ago, my friend Adam and I did a special episode of our radio show, Radio El Radon, all about pizza! RVA Magazine posted it up on their site so all you pizzalicious fans can check out the Pizza Party Mix Tape.

I have waaaaaaaaaaay more songs about pizza but this is what we could fit in to two hours along with our usual witty banter.  Like pizza, some are silly, some are sweet and some are spicy. Check out this track listing (after the jump)!

"Samurai Pizza Cats Theme"
Aquabats - "Pizza Day"
Bouncing Souls - "The Pizza Song"
Arrogant Sons of a Bitch - "Everything but the Pizza"
Blondie - "Eat to the Beat"
The Descendants - "I Like Food"
Mouthbreather* - "I Don't Work at Restaurants for the Food"
HORSE The Band - "Anti-Pizza"
HORSE The Band - "Crippled by Pizza"
HORSE The Band - "Werepizza"
HORSE The Band - "Pizza NIF"
HORSE The Band - "T.M.N.T."
MC Chris - "Pizza Butt"
Nirvana - "Big Cheese"
Opeth - "Deliverance"
Adrenaline OD - "Pizza and Beer"
Ghost Mice - "Free Pizza for Life"
Turbonegro - "The Age or Pamparius"

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