Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pizza Party (at Gloria Estefan's House)

My beautiful friend Harmony recently pointed me to a new song by Murder By Death. Murder by Death is an indie-Americana-rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. Harmony and I have both been a huge fan of their work for a while now. So of course I was surprised and excited when I learned they wrote and recorded a song just for me. This song is short and to the point, but it is definitely packed with some serious pizzaliciousness. Not unlike pizza, it leaves you wanting more.  Best of all you can download it for whatever you wish to pay for it. Just name your price.
<a href="">Pizza Party! (at Gloria Estefan's House) by Murder By Death</a>

On another note, Murder By Death has a new record out called Finch. It is the instrumental companion to a book by the same title written by Sci-fi/fantasy/horror author Jeff Vandermeer. The album has been released as a very limited edition with the book, just 1,000 CDs and 500 on vinyl.

From their website:

"Jeff approached MBD about doing a soundtrack to go with the limited edition of his new book, and we thought it was such a strange idea we had to do it. The book reminds us of "Bladerunner" - with spore-faced bad guys. Bitchin'. We locked ourselves up in our friends studio (Farm Fresh) in Bloomington, IN for 5 days and wrote and recorded an instrumental album inspired by the book. We have used a lot of crazy techniques that we have never tried before on this record. Our old pianist Vincent Edwards lent his hand(s) at the piano, organs, and Rhodes. Each song is attempting to recreate a scene or mood from the book"

<a href="">Finch's Theme by Murder By Death</a>

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