Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Any way you slice it - Part I

In my pizzalicous travels around the internet, I found some pretty fun pizza cutters. Here are a few of the cutest, wackiest cutters. More after the jump!

PZT-2 Pizza cutter 
$13.99 at Bencycle This one goes out to my buds at Pamparius, another Richmond based pizza blog.  Those dudes love pizza and bikes and even hosted a bike tour of several pizzerias in Richmond.

Steady Eddie Pizza Cutter
$8.95 at Heliotrope
Maybe unicycles are more your style. Choose from black, orage or red.

Pizza Shark Pizza Cutter
also available at World of Mirth
This stainless steel pizza cutter comes with the strength and excitement of sharks. Use it during shark week and every week for all your ferocious pizza cutting needs.

See also the Piranha Pizza Cutter

Chainsaw Pizza Cutter
£5.99 (about $10-$15) at Chalfont
Hopefully you crust isn't so tough you need a real chainsaw to cut it but I imagine this would be pretty fun to use on just about any pizza. Unfortunately it does not actually work like a chainsaw. They need to  UPGRADE this pizza cutter with some battery powered, noise making chainsaw action.

Pizza Boss
$15 on Amazon
This is sort of in the same vein as the Chainsaw Pizza Cutter only this is designed to look like a circular saw. It's pretty cute.

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Steel Cut said...

Nice Blog! All the pizza cutters have creative design, especially Shark Pizza Cutter. Thanks for sharing the pics.