Monday, November 16, 2009

Pizza Fashion Week!

I'm officially making this Pizza Fashion Week. Every day this week I'll bring you pizzalicious fashions from around the globe. I'm kickin' it off with a doozy!

This pizzalicious silk robe was the closing number at the Jeremy Scott's Food Fight collection at the 2006 NY Fashion Week.

Scott wasn't the only designer who sent pizza down the run way in 2006. This model in a shirt from the Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2007 men’s collection walked down the catwalk with a piping hot pie (and little else) during the 2006 Milan Fashion Week.

This gem also appeared on Slice, but miraculously is still available on Etsy. Check out this vintage 1980's pizza sweater dress.


videorose said...

I believe you have drawn me in the xmas swap; i believe i want a hand painted silk pizza robe.

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

ha ha. oh man that would be DIVINE!

Valérie Blindée said...

I want the sweater dress!!!!