Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pizza the Dog

Richmond is home to many heroes. One of our villains is this dirt bag named James "Barf" Callahan. Mr. Callahan has been terrorizing the city with his jerky friends and lewd drawings for a while now. He hangs around with known graffitiers, pranksters, and scoundrels. He and his cronies wreak havoc on the capital city on their skateboards and they even have the audacity to photograph these terror sprees and document them in this rag of a magazine called Born Ugly. What kind of name is that?

Every time I want to purchase a concert ticket or compact disc of music by a respectable band like Cannabis Corpse, Cough, Pink Razors or Municipal Waste or even The Extraordinaires, I see his grotesque drawings all over the posters or album artwork. Slowly, he has been infecting my life with his crass devil-may-care style of artwork. When I last went to my local purveyor of fine and wholesome reading materials I saw that someone has published collections of his chicken scratch into graphic novels and comic books which he aptly named "Barf Comics."

Worst of all he is has this BEAST of a dog named PIZZA of all things. This vicious K9 has been known to wear an eye patch on occasion. How fitting for an evil-doer's best friend. Recently Mr. Callahan shared a drawing of this dog with me. I was disgusted, of course. Still, I feel I must warn you about this menacing character in our midst. If you can stomach it, take a look at these disturbing images all by the hand of James "Barf" Callahan. Whatever you do, do not go to his websites. They are full of foolishness.

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