Thursday, November 19, 2009

PFW - Kitchen Fashion

As you know, this week is Pizza Fashion Week here at Pizzalicious! So far we've brought you pizza shoes, pizza jackets and piping haute couture pizza fashion. There is another realm of pizza fashion that we haven't paid homage to yet. Pizza accessories! I don't mean earrings people! I'm talking pans and cutters, stones, peels and mixers!

First things first. To make a truely stylin' pizza at home you need a super hot oven (like a refurnished 1953 O'Keefe & Merritt 425 in black) and a stone. You can get this pizza stone/cutter set at Target for about $13 which is remarkably low. I've seen them at Williams Sonomoa for $50+. This one is nice because it has handles to make it easy to move. Pizza stones are generally very heavy although this one weighs about 4.5lbs which may be why it is so inexpensive. I own a very large very heavy stone that pretty much lives in my oven.

This bamboo pizza peel is as stylish as it is foldable. ha. Bamboo is a quickly renewable resource that is hardm durable and easy to clean. Its is 13" by 14" and the handle extends the length to 22". I just hope it stays locked in place. Pick one up for $25 at Target.

Pizzaiolo Jeff Varasano reccomends the Electrolux DLX Mixer for making dough. He has years of pizza making on me so I won't disagree, but there is just something about a KitchenAid. Besides a pretty big difference in price, KitchenAid comes in tons of pretty, shiny colors like Tangerine, Empire Red, Blue Willow and Copper and among others. I really like the dough hook attachment, plus there are a ton of other attachments and gizmos you can get for it. Also, I just like the design better, and that is what Pizza Fashion week is about. I must also say that the lovely ladies in my family are all KitchenAid Ladies Mom (Pistachio Green), Maya (Nickle Pearl) Rose (Chrome?) and my Grandmother Charlotte (OG Kitchen Aid) all had one. When I get one I'm getting a shiny black one!

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