Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PFW - Hoodies

The weather is getting colder and it might be time for you to think about some new outerwear. Why have the same dumb hoodie from American Apparel that everyone has? Go for something more stylish, more fashion forward, more... pizzalicious! Check out these deliciously silly hoodies for the pizza lover in your life.

Clot Inc. released a pizza themed hoodie in 2008. It's a reversible hoodie with a pepperoni pizza pattern on one side and black satin on the other. The hoodie comes packaged in a pizza box. Click to enlarge.

The Diplo lover in your life will love this pizza hoodie from the music mogul's own label Mad Decent. It is available now at Blue Collar Distro for $50. See also the Mad Decent Pizza Shirt.

Sassy pizza delivery drivers, like A Pizza Girl, will love this one. This hoodie will keep you warm on those chilly delivery runs while also giving a gentle yet firm message to your cash paying patrons who come up short on dough. This could also be a fun message to your cheapskate boss. Wear it on your coffee break at your job when you have to go out back by the dumpster to smoke a cigarette in stead of the picnic tables out front. Slip it on when you are sent on countless trips to the walk-in fridge.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Perhaps there is a cranky but loving mentor in your life who might like this hoodie from Neighborhoodies. Still, I can't really imagine wanting a reminder that someone hates pizza or a reminder of the movie Three Ninjas, but, whatever.

This hoodie, while not the most compelling design, certainly captures my sentiments about the world. check it out at Cafe Press. I'd like it more in a navy blue or black.

Vegans rejoice! There is a pizza hoodie just for you! This 100% Vegan Pizza hoodie is available on Zazzle. See also t-shirts.


Pizza Girl said...

If I had $70 for a hoodie, that one would be mine. Thanks for the shoutout!

Womens Hooded Tops said...

Great post. Been looking for ages for womens hooded tops for Christmas present. Think I might get this one although 70 is a bit above my target price!

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