Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PFW - Pizza Shoes

Pizza Fashion week continues with pizzalicious footwear. These Nike 6.0 Air Morgans Mid Pizza sneaks feature the colors of the Italian flag and an embroidered design of a few great pizza toppings. Click to enlarge.

If pizza Nikes are too obvious for you and you want some footwear that alludes to your love of pizza as much as your immaturity check out the TMNT Dunks . The ooze on the toe is really what makes these babies pop! Pictured: Donatello, who everyone knows is the best TMNTurtle. Check out the TMNT Dunks here.

Finally, If you're not satisfied with the pizzalicious options above, why not design your own pizza shoes. Vans, Converse, and Keds all have ways to customize shoes on their websites. Check out this pair of Keds I made. Pretty pizzalicious huh? LOL!!!1


akuban said...

I dunno. Doesn't seem like you can make pizza-related Vans. Unless there's something on their customize site that you know of that I don't.

akuban said...

Same with Converse. Really, the Keds seem to be the only shoes you can customize with a pizza design. :(

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

Oh dang good call Adam! Vans and Converse need to tighten up. Get me a pair of plain ones and I'll hand paint them for you, Adam. Vincelli originals!

buy cialis said...

a pizza shoes ? hahaha what kind of freak uses this disturbing stuff ? oh boy you have issues !