Friday, November 20, 2009

Greta and Felix Love Pizza!

Today I am hanging out with my two of my favorite shorties- Greta and Felix. They Love pizza as much as I do and here is what they have to say about it!

Cheese Pizza ,I like crab pizza, I like.i like greek pizza white pizza.

e-Yoda (Greta)

Comment #2

I like cheese pizza, Greek pizza, cheese pizza with artichokes and white pizza with spinach or broccoli.

-Han solo (A.K.A.felix G. Gotschalk).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

PFW - Kitchen Fashion

As you know, this week is Pizza Fashion Week here at Pizzalicious! So far we've brought you pizza shoes, pizza jackets and piping haute couture pizza fashion. There is another realm of pizza fashion that we haven't paid homage to yet. Pizza accessories! I don't mean earrings people! I'm talking pans and cutters, stones, peels and mixers!

First things first. To make a truely stylin' pizza at home you need a super hot oven (like a refurnished 1953 O'Keefe & Merritt 425 in black) and a stone. You can get this pizza stone/cutter set at Target for about $13 which is remarkably low. I've seen them at Williams Sonomoa for $50+. This one is nice because it has handles to make it easy to move. Pizza stones are generally very heavy although this one weighs about 4.5lbs which may be why it is so inexpensive. I own a very large very heavy stone that pretty much lives in my oven.

This bamboo pizza peel is as stylish as it is foldable. ha. Bamboo is a quickly renewable resource that is hardm durable and easy to clean. Its is 13" by 14" and the handle extends the length to 22". I just hope it stays locked in place. Pick one up for $25 at Target.

Pizzaiolo Jeff Varasano reccomends the Electrolux DLX Mixer for making dough. He has years of pizza making on me so I won't disagree, but there is just something about a KitchenAid. Besides a pretty big difference in price, KitchenAid comes in tons of pretty, shiny colors like Tangerine, Empire Red, Blue Willow and Copper and among others. I really like the dough hook attachment, plus there are a ton of other attachments and gizmos you can get for it. Also, I just like the design better, and that is what Pizza Fashion week is about. I must also say that the lovely ladies in my family are all KitchenAid Ladies Mom (Pistachio Green), Maya (Nickle Pearl) Rose (Chrome?) and my Grandmother Charlotte (OG Kitchen Aid) all had one. When I get one I'm getting a shiny black one!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PFW - Pizza Shoes

Pizza Fashion week continues with pizzalicious footwear. These Nike 6.0 Air Morgans Mid Pizza sneaks feature the colors of the Italian flag and an embroidered design of a few great pizza toppings. Click to enlarge.

If pizza Nikes are too obvious for you and you want some footwear that alludes to your love of pizza as much as your immaturity check out the TMNT Dunks . The ooze on the toe is really what makes these babies pop! Pictured: Donatello, who everyone knows is the best TMNTurtle. Check out the TMNT Dunks here.

Finally, If you're not satisfied with the pizzalicious options above, why not design your own pizza shoes. Vans, Converse, and Keds all have ways to customize shoes on their websites. Check out this pair of Keds I made. Pretty pizzalicious huh? LOL!!!1

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pirate's Booty New York Pizza

Hey Pizza fans-- Pizzalicious' sister here, The Forgetful Chef, doing a guest blog review of Pirate Brands (formerly Robert's American Gourmet) NEW pizzalicious snack- New York Pizza Pirate's Booty. Heralded as a "healthful snack" by its manufacturer, Pirate's Booty is here to save us all from the doledrums of boring rice cakes and celery sticks. Is it possible that they have stumbled upon something tasty, crunchy, salty and delicious- that is actually GOOD for you? in short- Yar Matey! Thar be good!

Pirate's Booty- a puffy and crunchy snack has been compared to me lovingly as the "tastiest packing peanuts on the planet," has come out with a couple new flavors to fill your bellies, Bermuda Onion, Barbeque, Sea salt and Vinegar, and New York Pizza.

Being a fan of the Veggie Booty already- a surprisingly delicious and slightly addictive vegan treat that tricks you and your kids into eating spinach and kale for a snack, i just had to try the New York Pizza Pirate's Booty, and share its review with my sister and her Pizzalicious fans. I ate it for breakfast- since what is better after a long night, than a slice of pizza for breakfast?

Boasting a only 130 calories per 1 ounce bag (1 ounce equals about 2 puffed cups- so more than a couple hand fulls), New York Pizza flavored Pirate's booty is a blend of baked rice and corn (think fluffier Cheetos) and includes only real ingredients on its ingredient list-like tomato, onion, Italian spices and cheddar, mozzarella, and blue cheese.

When Pizzalicious and I were kids, we used to get home from school and make tons of flavors of air popped popcorn for our after school snack. We got pretty creative back in the day, and this has allowed us to be quite the puffed snack connoisseurs. As adults, air popped popcorn is still one of our favorite treats- and if you've never tried it instead of the microwaveable bags- I would highly recommend it. When we discovered the pizza blend spices from Penzey's Spices my first thought was to make Pizza flavored popcorn. Pirate's Booty New York Pizza has basically done just that, and maybe upped the ante just a little bit in the pizza flavored snack isle.

While i think that it is pretty risky to name your treat after one of the single most debated and competitive topics in the land, (PIZZA) I think the Pirate's brand finds a comfortable stance with their new New York pizza inspired treat. It doesn't really taste like the gooey, tangy, salty, crisp and delicious mouthful that is a good slice of pizza, NY Pizza Pirate's booty definitely tastes like tomato sauce with a little cheese on top- sort of like the deconstructed idea of pizza. Mostly it was just a really tasty snack. Simultaneously savory, sweet and a little spicy, it is just as crunchy and addictive as the Veggie Booty i love with only one draw back. It gives you really bad breath. But don't let this stop you! Just make your friends eat it with you, and no one will notice the freight train of stink emanating from each of your satisfied mouths.

PFW - Hoodies

The weather is getting colder and it might be time for you to think about some new outerwear. Why have the same dumb hoodie from American Apparel that everyone has? Go for something more stylish, more fashion forward, more... pizzalicious! Check out these deliciously silly hoodies for the pizza lover in your life.

Clot Inc. released a pizza themed hoodie in 2008. It's a reversible hoodie with a pepperoni pizza pattern on one side and black satin on the other. The hoodie comes packaged in a pizza box. Click to enlarge.

The Diplo lover in your life will love this pizza hoodie from the music mogul's own label Mad Decent. It is available now at Blue Collar Distro for $50. See also the Mad Decent Pizza Shirt.

Sassy pizza delivery drivers, like A Pizza Girl, will love this one. This hoodie will keep you warm on those chilly delivery runs while also giving a gentle yet firm message to your cash paying patrons who come up short on dough. This could also be a fun message to your cheapskate boss. Wear it on your coffee break at your job when you have to go out back by the dumpster to smoke a cigarette in stead of the picnic tables out front. Slip it on when you are sent on countless trips to the walk-in fridge.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Perhaps there is a cranky but loving mentor in your life who might like this hoodie from Neighborhoodies. Still, I can't really imagine wanting a reminder that someone hates pizza or a reminder of the movie Three Ninjas, but, whatever.

This hoodie, while not the most compelling design, certainly captures my sentiments about the world. check it out at Cafe Press. I'd like it more in a navy blue or black.

Vegans rejoice! There is a pizza hoodie just for you! This 100% Vegan Pizza hoodie is available on Zazzle. See also t-shirts.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pizza Fashion Week!

I'm officially making this Pizza Fashion Week. Every day this week I'll bring you pizzalicious fashions from around the globe. I'm kickin' it off with a doozy!

This pizzalicious silk robe was the closing number at the Jeremy Scott's Food Fight collection at the 2006 NY Fashion Week.

Scott wasn't the only designer who sent pizza down the run way in 2006. This model in a shirt from the Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2007 men’s collection walked down the catwalk with a piping hot pie (and little else) during the 2006 Milan Fashion Week.

This gem also appeared on Slice, but miraculously is still available on Etsy. Check out this vintage 1980's pizza sweater dress.