Friday, October 9, 2009

VIntage pizza commercials

In 1985, Jeno Paulucci, now in his 90's, sold Jeno's Pizza rolls to General Mills $150 million. According to the General Mills website over 240 million Totino’s/Jeno's Pizza products are sold annually.

"I should've kept the pizza roll. It's something that'll damn near live forever," he said. Source: Bnet

The 1960's Jeno's Pizza Rolls ad below is a spoof on a Lark Cigarette ad that used the William Tell Overture and the slogan "Show use your Lark pack." The creative director behind the commercial is Stan Freberg, a Clio award winning ad man who is often credited with introducing satire to the advertising world. Supposedly Jeno Paulucci had to pay off a bet over the success of Freberg's ad campaign by pulling him in a rickshaw on Hollywood's La Cienega Boulevard.

Sounds like an episode of Mad Men.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, PILLSBURY bought Jeno's in the 80's; General Mills acquired Pillsbury years later.