Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pizza Party

A while ago my friend Alex and I had a pizza party for some friends of ours who made our summer particularly awesome. We had a great summer. We went camping the the mountains, swimming in the river, and even got to dig in the garden a few times. There were late nights, early mornings, bonfires, bike rides, fireworks, epicurean expeditions, dancing and adventure at every corner. We thought the summer of 2009 really warranted a pizza party! So in when Alex made plans to return to the UK we decided to throw a pizza party for our friends before he left. Unfortunately we didn't get too many good photos out of this event.

We were all so anxious to really break in the pizza stone (Thanks Kathy!) and the pizza peel (Thanks Alex!) and some of the recipes I have been drooling over in my pizza books for a while (Thanks Maya & Mom!). We had red and white sauce and a whole bunch of yummy toppings. Alex made the first pie of the night, a tasty Hawaiian. We mixed it up as the night went on but take a look at the menu we planned.

Veggie: Eggplant, mushrooms, green pepper, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella on red sauce.

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza: Fresh figs from our friends Bill and Virginia's fig tree, prosciutto, and Gorgonzola on red sauce.

Hawaiian Pizza: Bacon, kalamata olives, fresh pineapple and with fresh mozzarella on red sauce

Alex and our friend Kathy both subscribe to a wheat free diet, and although both of them made an exception for pizza that night, we also had a wheat free crust available. Wheat free crust is so tricky. Pizza may as well be a completely different food with a wheat free crust, just Izza or something. I don't know it is more like eating a tart or a pie or something. I'll blog the wheat free recipe in the near future. For the real pizza, we used pizza dough that had fermented for about three days. It was delicious!

In addition to the delicious pizza we all enjoyed Alex's Indian Ginger-Lemon-Lime Ade I'll see if i can get him to blog the recipe. But basically you boil slices of ginger and spicy spices in sugar water as if you were making candied ginger (which we did when we were done.) then add fresh lemon and lime juice to make a concentrate. Dilute with water (or Vodka or seltzer). This is one refreshing drink. I can not imagine a summer in the future with out it.

We also enjoyed many delicious dishes that our friends brough to share. Lordy it is great to have friends that care so much about feeding eachother good food! Especially when you have a garden with those friends and you can say "We grew this salad." Yum!

Finally, as the new drew to a close, my friend Cole Sullivan lent his beautiful voice to our party. Cole is truely a gifted singer and songwriter always so gracious. I made a special pepperoni pizza just for him. His family makes goats cheese and honey among other delightful things. I have had Sullivan's Pond Farm's goats cheese on a pizza. It was fantastic! Get some! They are at all the good farmers' markets in Richmond and beyond. Here is a video of Cole and some friends singing my favorite song that he sings. It was so nice to hear him singing while we sat out side in one of the last nights of summer under the stars.

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Paulie Gee said...

Two observations; That's some serious lookin' prosciutto. Cuttting that good lookin' pie with scissors??? Lauren......You've got some splainin' to do.