Friday, October 2, 2009

Madonna is Pizzalicious... but not as pizzlicious as I thought.

On September 30th Madonna, 51, appeared on the David Letterman Show. She was carried into the theater by the NY Rangers hockey team. She and Letterman joked about her past appearances on the show and her love life. The twice wed, twice divorced pop star said she would "rather get hit by a train" than ever get married again.

The most insane part of the show, however, was when Madonna admitted that she had never eaten a slice onf NY pizza. Come on! Hasn't she lived there her most of her adult life? Isn't she Italian? That's insane. There is pizza on every block in NY.

Dave took her to the pizza parlor next door where they served up a martini and a pie with olives, basil and no cheese. "I'm not a cheese person" Madonna quipped on the show. Madonna has been an on-again off-again veg for a while and it has been stipulated in her custody agreement with Guy Ritchie that their children maintain a "macrobiotic, vegetarian and organic diet." After the bit Madonna passed out slices to fans on the street.

Well thank God that's over. Here's the clip!

And speaking of pizzalicious celebrities... Check out the celebrity dedicated pizzas from Angelina's Pizza in Cambridge, Vermont. This tiny place has been featured on CNN and dish up pies for the Beatles, Louis Prima, The Boss, and umm... even Tom Bergeron.

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