Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Pizza

Halloween is just a week away and I've already covered some pizzalicious Halloween pizza costumes. Now it's time to get your Halloween party menu in order. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I'm recommending pizza. It is a versatile food perfect for any festive occasion.

Imagine a trick-or-treat pizza topped with candy corn, gross gummy worms, chocolates and caramel sauce, or a spooky skull pizza or pizza Jack-o-lantern. You could even get super gross and top a pie with meal worms like they do at the Paleo festival in Nyon, Switzerland.

On second thought, you better stick to more appetizing toppings. Here are some recipes for pizza to get the Halloween spirit on a pizzalicious level. Enjoy them with you favorite boo brew.

Skull Pizza: cut a rolled out pizza dough into the shape of a skull and cross bones. Use your favorite toppings to create the skull's face and bake. I think some white sauce would lend itself well to this pizza. Or maybe a blood red sauce is what you're after. You could also try using mozzarella to top the pie and leave the no cheese were you want the eyes, nose and mouth.

Spider Web Pizza: This pie is care of's halloween treats idea page. Use pieces of string cheese to create a web on your pizza and fashion some spiders out of olives or your favorite veggies. This would be awesome if you were Spider Man for Halloween. Remember Peter Parker's job in Spiderman 2 is a pizza delivery guy after all.

Candy Corn Pizza Slices: This also comes from the page. Use cheddar and mozzarella cheese to top a pie like a bulls eye. Separate the cheeses with a ring of just sauce. When you slice up the pie you'll have cute slices that look just like candy corn.

Ghost Pizza: Turn a mishaped dough into a ghoulish pie. Top a wonky dough with red or white sauce. Use olives for the eyes and mouth and mozzarella cheese for the rest. You could also branch out on your cheese selection. Any white cheese will do. Try taleggio, Parmesan, swiss cheese, feta cheese, get creative or even mix them up.

Scaredy Cat Pizza: This comes from the Hormel holiday idea website. They have tons of halloween themed pizza ideas there. Including a Dracula Pizza and a Frankenstein Pizza. I would top this scaredy cat pie with LOADS of chopped olives for more of a black cat effect. They recommend using a (*gasp!) premade crust, but true pizza lovers know that a good dough recipe is easy to find. Try spicing up the dough by adding herbs in the mix.

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