Saturday, October 17, 2009

Donatos Billboard

Click images to enlarge. I wonder what Don Draper would think?

Several things set Donatos apart from other pizza joints. Their pies are square cut. They use provolone instead of mozzarella. Their signature thin crust pies also feature a sweeter tomato sauce than most pizzerias. Lately something else is setting this Ohio based chain restaurant apart from competitors. Billboards.

Donatos is quickly becoming known for it's eye catching billboards. This past August the company launched a campaign to promote their new hand-tossed crust - A thicker pie with the same sweet sauce with mozzarella that is cut into wedges.

To promote this new pie Donatos has launched a billboard campaign featuring billboards that literally jump out at viewers... or rather onto the neighboring billboards. Models in neighboring ads simply cannot resist a slice. Long stings of mozzarella stretch from the pie to a slice in the hands of the model in the next ad over.

Donatos newest billboard also aims to make pizza irresistible. The the ad features a picture of huge, steamy pie with with actual steam billowing out of the billboard. Steam ducts were installed in the billboard and were programed to release steam every minute during peak commuter hours in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus based ad agency, Engauge, is behind this eye-catching ad campaign and has also produced several clever television campaign for the company. Including this Pizzagami commercial.

Here's another Donatos commercial. This one is from Radical Media.

And here is another Donatos ad in which they spoofed the bad law firm commercials. They even created a bad law firm website for this campaign. Check it out.

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