Monday, September 21, 2009

Looky What I Got!

The other day I received a gift in the mail that can only be described as MAGICAL. A few weeks ago Missy Green of the US Pizza Team, and Director of sales for Throw Dough and a coordinator for US Pizza Team events e-mailed me to commend my pizza blogging.

"I absolutely love your pizza blog." she wrote. She also invited me to join the US Pizza Team. I was so flattered and so excited but unfortunately, I had no idea how to throw pizza dough, and I certainly wasn't capable of doing the kind of tricks that the US Pizza Team can do.

I told Missy how excited I was to be invited but that I didn't know the first thing about throwing pizza. Realizing my passion for pizza she sent me a subscription for PMQ (Pizza Marketing Quarterly)Magazine, a Throw Dough and a DVD tutorial! Throw Dough is fake pizza dough made of latex used to practice pizza throwing and tricks. This September the US Pizza Team held tryouts for new team members in Orlando. Unfortunately I was not able to go to Orlando to see this awesome spectacle OR to try out. I still have a lot of practice a head of me. Maybe Next year! The rules are stiff, but the prizes are WAY Awesome!

From their website:
"Every year the U.S. Pizza Team holds a series of trials in Orlando and New York for the Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pizza Maker and Freestyle Dough Throwing. The first-place winner of each category wins $500 and a spot on the U.S. Pizza Team. The scores for all three events are combined; the person with the highest score in all categories will win a trip to Europe to compete in the World Pizza Championships with the team.

A maximum of 30 contestants will be allowed to compete, each with a registration fee of $100, which includes entry into all acrobatic events (Fastest Pizza-Maker, Largest Dough-Stretching and Freestyle Acrobatic). The registration fee also includes show admission (if contestant pre-registers). Contestants must be at least 18 years old to compete."

I was thrilled to receive Missy's generous and pizzalicious gift in the mail. It even came in a pizza box! My friend Alex and I popped in the DVD right away. Alex was a natural able to throw the rough super high after just a few tries. I on the other hand was really great at throwing the dough... on to the floor. The Throw Dough is just hilarious. We couldn't believe how similar it is in weight and consistency to real pizza dough. Alex powdered it with cornstarch and it felt so real. It is much more durable than real pizza dough, which really helps in practicing and it doesn't really expand or stretch out as you spin it. It also makes a really silly noise when it flaps together.

The DVD could be way more awesome with a little production and fancier camera work. However, The DVD is definitely good enough to teach you how to throw dough. and more than anything Throw Dough is tons of fun! It is perfect to practice with and such a riot. We showed our friends when we had a pizza party and they all cracked up.

They should sell them in a few pizza parlors that also have retail counters. But I think they should expand to sell them in more pizza parlors with the joint's logo on the carrying case. They should also sell them in toy stores. I can totally see this flying off the shelves at places like World of Mirth in Richmond. It's such a fun idea and the packaging is so clever!

I fully endorse it and recommend it to anyone looking for a good gag gift or some serious practice time. Missy Green is Pizzalicious and Throw Dough is Pizzalicious!


pizzatherapy said...

Congratulations! I have a Throw Dough and I love it! It is just incredible. Great Blog!
pizza on earth,

Pizza Girl said...

I am jealous of your practice dough! (it was one of my new-years resolutions to learn to throw dough) Have lots of fun with it!

kamagra said...

hahaha throw dough rules, I hope someday my boos hire this guy!