Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fellow Richmond Pizza Blogers!

Yesterday while shopping at Carytown Bikes, my sister Maya and I ran into a fellow pizza blogger from Richmond. Hello Andy (and also Grant) from the blog Pamparius. These Pizzalicious fellows agree that 8 1/2 is hands down THE BEST PIZZA in Richmond. I wonder if they have ever tried the anchovies there? I'm so looking forward to reading more of this blog and hopefully eating some pizza with this guys. I'm down for a pizza party any time dudes!

Check out their wonderful and well written blog here! Of course the name of their blog comes from the guitar/keyboard player, Pål Pot Pamparius, of the awesome Norwegian punk band Turbonegro. Pål Pot Pamparius also runs a pizza joint in Norway called Pamparius. Here is a video for their song, "The Age Of Pamparius," in which they pay tribute to this fine establishment. This song is off of Turbonegro's 1998 album Apocalypse Dudes. Enjoy!


Robo said...

So I finally introduced my girlfriend to 8 1/2. The other night, I patched up her new moped, ordered a white pizza and a mushroom pizza, grabbed a 40 of PBR, and rode up to the Oregon Hill gazebo to stare at the skyline.

Best RVA date-night ever...

She spent the past several years living in the Bronx and wholeheartedly agrees with 8 1/2's awesomeness.

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

OH La la Robbie. Your date was Pizzalicious! 8 1/2 is the best. Try the anchovies, but don't expect to get smooched with anchovy breath.