Saturday, August 22, 2009

NYC - Grimaldi's Pizza - GUEST BLOGGER

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights/ Vinegar Hill
19 Old Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-4300
Nearest Trasit: High St (A, C); Clark St (2, 3); York St (F)

Lauren's mom, Diana, here with a special pizzalicious guest blog.

Last week I took a trip to Brooklyn, which gave me the opportunity to visit Grimaldi's Pizza, under the Brooklyn Bridge with one of NY's oldest coal-fired pizza ovens. Even at 11:30 on a Thursday, there was a line to get in. But I got in quickly to a spot at a long table shared with others. There are pix of celebrities with one wall devoted to Frank Sinatra. Rose says she always seems to get the table by the Law & Order cast photos.

So I guess this place is frequented by stars, tho none were present for me. The real star is the pizza master who controls the oven, an old Italian guy in a white paper soda-jerk cap, who told me "No Pictures!" when I approached the prep & oven area with my camera. I managed to get a couple of shots, tho.

There are two guys making the dough and they toss it over to the cooks who twirl the dough then load it up with sauce and toppings and a sprig of fresh basil. The finished product was delicious! I got a small pie with pepperoni and black olives. The red sauce was perfect, the crust also very fine. The pepperoni was not the best I've had--thick and chewy nickel-sized slices; the black olives salty and pungent. Overall the 6-slice "small" was a lot of pizza which along with a coke and a tip cost me about $25. The place is cash-only, with a bank-robbing ATM outside that my table neighbor told me charged her $4.50 for the transaction. Overall it was a great experience and a great pizza. I took the leftovers home, and after picking off the last bits of pepperoni,
Rose, Dave & I each had a cold slice before dinner. YUM!


Pizzalicious said...

MMMM. I was sad that I missed Grimalid's on my NYC Pizza Field Trip. I wonder how the Grimaldi's in Dallas, TX stacks up to this OG pizzeria?

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