Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Pizzalish - Grilled Pizzas

Hey ya’ll, it’s finally summer here in Brooklyn, and summer = grilling no matter where you are.

My gracious friends threw a front patio grillout - ‘the envy of the block’ according to the landlord, featuring Grilled Pizza – it’s super easy! There’s no reason not to try it next time you’re busting out the coals.

Start with homemade crust. I love the herb crust in the Café Flora cookbook, but I think you can use just about any crust, as long as it’s relatively sturdy – I don’t think the chef boyaredee box crusts will hold up. You could also go to your local slice and ask them for a doughball. At the most, I’ve found it to be just a few dollars, but mostly they’re so confused they just give it to me. Pizzalicious! doesn’t recommend delivery for a doughball (see earlier delivery etiquette post).

So you’ve followed your dough recipe up to the point where you're going to put it in the oven, and the first crust is all stretched out into a rustic oval about 10" across and 1/4” thick. WARNING! Do not stack the rolled-out crusts! No matter how much flour you put between, they’ll stick. It happened to me!

The most important thing (as stressed by 101Cookbooks) is to have all your toppings ready to go before you put the crust on the grill - it goes REALLY quick! Don’t burn up your crust by not taking this advice.

When your coals have cooled a bit – you don’t want them too hot (after you’ve grilled your toppings, dessert pineapple and whathaveyou), put the raw crust straight onto the grill. Don’t be scared. Slap it on there. Put the top on for some oven action, give it a few minutes, and soon – 3-10 min depending on how hot the grill is – the bottom will be golden and the top will be puffy – so flip it over.

Now, put your sauce and toppings on the cooked top of the crust. For sauce, we used homemade spicy pesto.

Our toppings were: broccoli steamed on the grill with a bit of oil & spices and wrapped in foil, 2 grilled asparagus & a slice of summer squash, assorted cheese- fresh & cooked mozzarella, feta, and red pepper, scallions, olives, etc.

When you’re done topping it, put the lid back on (more oven action) so the cheese melts. When the cheese is sufficiently melted and the bottom is brownish, take it off the grill, cut it up & eat it! NOM! The crust we've been making is pretty sturdy, so we mostly did without a spatula just pulling it off with our hands. our hands. Manly!

Homemade pizza is great cheap party food because everyone can bring whatever toppings they like and take turns topping it with whatever they think is most delicious. Dough is cheap to make, so your main cost really is cheese. if you've got money to burn and the fine palate like these Virginia girls, you can certainly venture into wild mushroom, acorn-fed prosciutto, fig, gorgonzola & truffle territory.

Save us a slice.


It never really was said...

I'm on the bus back from yoga and I want grilled pizza soooo bad now!

D. said...

I am the luckiest mom in the world with three daughters who love to cook Pizza and other delious things! thanks for this fantastic pizza adventure-we will be grillin one soon, I do believe.

Pizzalicious said...

I want to go to there!

Anonymous said...

I want to eat thos pizzaz