Saturday, July 4, 2009

Andy Murray is Pizzalicious

Here is a totally pizzalicious story from the Telegraph .

Photo: Ken Lennox

Andy Murray has been immortalised in dough at his favourite pizza restaurant. The life-sized sculpture stands in the foyer of the Pizza Express restaurant where the 22-year-old recently persuaded staff to serve him a Margherita despite the kitchens being shut.

The head-and-shoulders bust of Murray - complete with racquet - was designed by a local artist and created by the pizzeria's staff in Wimbledon village, close to the venue of the All England Club.

Weighing 20 kilos, it is packed with enough dough to make more than 100 of Andy's favourite pizzas, and took a fortnight to mould.

The firm has also promised him free pizza for six months if he becomes Britain's first men's champion since 1936.

Anton Gjoni, the manager, said: "It's just a bit of fun.

"We didn't mind working the extra hours for him. If we can give him the fuel to triumph at Wimbledon, we are happy to oblige."

The bust was made by Dane Swart and fellow chef Lua Stifani.

When it comes to real dough, Andy will be the undisputed winner if he makes it to the men's final on Sunday.

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