Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pizza Cones at the Fancy Food Show!

My sister, Maya, is an avid foodie and is currently attending the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City. Last night she sent me a picture of the Conizza pizza cone exhibit and I immediately exploded with jealousy.

The Kornet brand pizza cone is something I have blogged about before. I am totally interested in this really wacky version of pizza and I've wanted to try it for a long time. I even asked for a box of frozen pizza cones for my birthday! Alas, shipping frozen pizza cones from over seas is rather expensive and my birthday wish did not come true.

I have been loosely following the pizza cone trend. There are a few brands that will make the pizza cone fresh for you sort of like how they make your sandwich at Subway, other brands employ a machine or even the microwave. Of course I am curious to know if any pizza cone lives up to the novelty and hype. Maya tried one from Conizza and we text messaged about it. Here is our conversation:

Lauren: Show me some of that fancy food!
Maya: Cono Pizza! (Pic)
Lauren: OMG. Did you get one? How was it? OMG!
Maya: Terrible! Like a Hotpocket?
Lauren: MMM. So good/gross. Were they frozen or were they making them fresh like in the video from Japan?
Maya: Frozen.
Lauren: Yuck. In Japan they make them fresh like in Subway or something. How were they cooking the frozen ones?
Maya: Yuck.
Maya: I meeeean, awesome!
Lauren: LOL

Here are some of the pizza cone brands some even have locations opening up in the US. Who's up for a pizzalicious road trip?


lapp said...

We put up a post about this a few months back, and we are really curious to know if they are as practical as they look. I mean it makes it look like you can eat one of these while shopping through the mall which is kind of alluring!

Pizzalicious said...

Lapp! Thanks for reading. I like to keep an eye on Blog Pizza. I'll have to check out your pizza cone post. I saw your blog review on Slice! Good work. Where are you from?

suzanaquerido said...

There is a new place at NYC, 5th avenue, between 32nd and 33th,opening soon. I think the name is Pizza K! Will definitely try

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