Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 1/2 = Drool

Today I had a pizza with my good friend Earl, from 8 1/2 and picnicked across the street in Scuffletown Park. The weather was so nice. We sat in the shade and I drank a Lemonata and Earl drank an Aranciata-So refreshing! I've know Earl since high school! We caught up and had a nice chat and then we took a walk. Earl is a wonderful musician and avid video blogger and just a great blogger in general. We both have really exciting things on the horizon, and we both love, love, love 8 1/2's pizza!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, 8 1/2 has the BEST pizza in Richmond. We got a piping hot pie with pepperoni, mushrooms and anchovies. Their red sauce is just perfect. It is just the right combination of sweet and spicy. Their anchovies are are really great too; they're nice and salty with out being too fishy or metallic tasting. I'm pretty sure the mushrooms are rolled in crack first. The crispy crust at 8 1/2 is awesome also. It is just the right thickness and is nice and tender without being floppy or soggy.

Getting pizza from 8 1/2 always feels really special and elite because they only make one size pizza and they are carry-out only. I can't really explain it but it always feels a little special getting a pizza from there, like you know about a secret or something. Ha ha.

In addition to being my favorite place to get pizza in Richmond, 8 1/2 is also my favorite film from famed Italian director, Frederico Fellini! What a bizarre and brilliant film. My favorite scene (in this film or ANY Fellini film) is when the kids go to Sarahghina's shack on the beach and pay her to dance the Rumba for them. Then they get caught by the priests and they tell Guido that Saraghina is really the devil. Guido gets scolded and breaks his mother's heart. Here's the clip.


R. said...

i think it is the best in the ric as well. (have you had the white pizza? - it ranks right up there with the red on the tasty scale.)


Anonymous said...

Lauren that clip is awesome! so good! i had a lot of fun yesterday. texas isn't gonna know what hit 'em!

Nick Dawson said...

Also a huge 8 & 1/2 fan! Eat there almost every weekend and have bought dough for pie many times but have yet to try one they made... normally a Mary Angela's addict but you have convinced me! Thinking that will be the plan tonight actually!

ohyouknowocto said...

How was it Nick? Wait! I already know the answer: AMAZING!