Friday, May 8, 2009

Pizza for ELL (ESL) Students!

I some times teach English to non-native speakers. I came across this unit of really cute lessons for ELL (English Language Learners) where you can use Pizza to illustrate your lesson. You can learn counting, new words, how to follow recipes (in imperial measurements) or read menus, or maybe just show your ELL class a new culinary treat that they may not have had too often before. This site doesn't look great, but has a lot of cute songs, games and activities for little kids and a great list of fun pizza books.

Here is my expansion on one of her crafty ideas.

Tissue Paper Pizza
Cut a circle out of brown craft paper or cardstock. Paint a smaller red circle on it for sauce. Use shredded white or yellow tissue paper for cheese, crumpled small pieces of brown for sausage, small round circles for pepperoni, yarn loops for onions, green straws cut up into 1" pieces for green pepper. Make and add other toppings. Just be creative!

Or you can use this coloring page to get your kids to draw their own pizza with the toppings they like and use it to practice saying those words by identifying them on the drawing.


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