Friday, May 1, 2009

Going Green with Pizza Boxes

ECO Inc., a company dedicated to "green" inventions has just launched their product the Green Pizza Box (United States Patent 7,051,919). The box is made out of 100% recycled materials according to the FDA Title 21 standards. The top of the box is perforated and can be torn into four serving plates. The bottom of the box can be folded into a closed storage container HALF the size of a full pizza box! I think we've all wrestled one of those into the fridge or the garbage can. What's even more awesome is that Green Pizza Boxes are produced at no additional cost. I'd love to national chains and local pizza parlors pick up this amazing idea!

This is another good idea on the pizza box front, though, not as green. The folks over at are marketing a pizza box with a zip cord around the center that will enable the user to divide the box in half. One side folds up for storage in the fridge. It also takes up half the space of a full sized pizza box. or you can put both sides in the garbage or recycling bin.

Which brings me to my next point. Can you recycle a pizza box? Sure it's cardboard but what about food contamination? Did you know that food is one of the biggest contaminates in the paper recycling process? According to the column "Ask Vanessa" on the Mother Nature Network website, pizza boxes are a no go for the recycling bin because of food contamination. Perhaps you can recycle just the lid if there's no food on it or if there is very minimal pizza leftovers. Or scrape it out before you put it out for collection.
I make a habit of washing out things like Chinese food containers and ice cream pints before they hit the bin. She also warns against recycling paper with adhesives, or any paper that is wet. Just a little contamination can ruin a whole bunch of paper for the recycling process. So check that weather report before you put your bins out.

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This is not the answer the box is still getting foo contamination on oi go to we have the answer!