Friday, April 24, 2009

DIY Pizza in the NY Times

Photo credit from the NY Times: Zachary Zavislak. Food Stylist: Susan Spungen. Prop Stylist: Kim Ficaro

My sister, Rose sent me a great article about pizza DIY style from the NY Times.

Sam Sifton of the New York Times recently wrote a great piece about making your own pizzas at home. He consulted some great chefs for this piece and discusses the frugal benefits of taking a DIY approach to pizza. It's easy. It's usually cheaper than ordering or dining out. You can go casual or fancy depending on the toppings and your friends will be thoroughly impressed and your epicurean endeavors.

I don't have a pizza stone or a peel - two things he highly recommends for for home pizzaiolas. They sure would make it easier though.

In the article he discuses how some chefs like to stick to the OG pizza toppings - cheese, sauce, garlic, maybe something green. He also writes about more gourmet approach. "...combining crumbled Gorgonzola with batons of bacon and a pile of caramelized onions dotted with figs? The result can jet you to a cafe on the border of France and Italy, Piedmont on a plate." What a pie!

Luckily the Times also posted Sifton's recipe for this gourmet pie. Along with a cute video of Jill Santopietro, a chef and recipe tester for The New York Times, preparing this pizza in her tiny NY apartment. Check it out the recipe for this pungent pizza!
Pizza With Caramelized Onions, Figs, Bacon and Blue Cheese

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RVA Foodie said...

There is no pizza better than the homemade pizza stone catastrophe. I've been confessing my pizza making sins for about a year now on my blog (put pizza into the search on the site). Some of my results have been spectacularly infuriating, but others have been so sublime, never to be topped in a restaurant. It's such a simple art, but there are so many ways to foul it up. I hope my blog saves people some trouble. One day, I'll get it right more often than not.