Friday, April 24, 2009

DIY Pizza in the NY Times

Photo credit from the NY Times: Zachary Zavislak. Food Stylist: Susan Spungen. Prop Stylist: Kim Ficaro

My sister, Rose sent me a great article about pizza DIY style from the NY Times.

Sam Sifton of the New York Times recently wrote a great piece about making your own pizzas at home. He consulted some great chefs for this piece and discusses the frugal benefits of taking a DIY approach to pizza. It's easy. It's usually cheaper than ordering or dining out. You can go casual or fancy depending on the toppings and your friends will be thoroughly impressed and your epicurean endeavors.

I don't have a pizza stone or a peel - two things he highly recommends for for home pizzaiolas. They sure would make it easier though.

In the article he discuses how some chefs like to stick to the OG pizza toppings - cheese, sauce, garlic, maybe something green. He also writes about more gourmet approach. "...combining crumbled Gorgonzola with batons of bacon and a pile of caramelized onions dotted with figs? The result can jet you to a cafe on the border of France and Italy, Piedmont on a plate." What a pie!

Luckily the Times also posted Sifton's recipe for this gourmet pie. Along with a cute video of Jill Santopietro, a chef and recipe tester for The New York Times, preparing this pizza in her tiny NY apartment. Check it out the recipe for this pungent pizza!
Pizza With Caramelized Onions, Figs, Bacon and Blue Cheese

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pizza on the Silver Screen

Here are some classic moments where Pizza has hit the big screen! Listed in no particular order of course.

1. Incredible Hulk - Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) delivers pizzas to bitchy sorority girls in The Incredible Hulk. He says "You're not gonna like me when I'm angry" when they flick a pepperoni at his face.

Note: In the book, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, by Ed Levine actor Edward Norton, said his favorite pizza place is Stromboli Pizzeria in New York City.

2. Spider Man 2 - Peter Parker has 7.5 minutes to deliver a stack of pies or he's fired. Did someone say pizza? My Pizza-sense is tingling.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The sewer delivery scene still cracks me up. The pizza guys slips the pizza vertically through the sewer grate Michelangelo slips $10 bucks up for the $13 tab. Just CHECK that product placement. Shameless!

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Spicoli! "YOU DICK!" Who among us hasn't wanted to have a pizza delivered to you in class?

5. Do the Right Thing - "...garlic-breath-pizza-slinging-spaghetti-bending..." Amazing Spike Lee Flick centered around a racist pizzeria.

6. Mystic Pizza - "In a word, superb." This is a Lifetime/Oxygen/We classic! Seriously it is on at least once a week.

7. Pizza - I actually haven't seen this one yet but I've been trying to get my hands on it. Look how cute the trailer is. Stars: Ethan Embry, Kylie Sparks, Judah Friedlander. Could be funny, no?
Update 10/09: I saw this on IFC. it was HORRIBLE. Ethan Embry is still cute though.

8. Along Came Polly - Couldn't find a clip of the scene, but remember when Ben Stiller's character blots the grease off his slice of pizza with a napkin and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Character wrings out the grease onto his own slice? *shudder*

9. Spaceballs - LOL! I could only find this clip in Spanish! Remember Pizza the Hutt?

10. All Dogs go to Heaven - My bff Kelly suggested this one. Cartoon puppies eating pizza = cute overload!

See also: The Top Ten Pizza Delivery Movie Moments at the blog: Pizza Delivery Stories

Monday, April 20, 2009


Domino's Pizza recently used the popular social networking/micro blogging site Twitter and the video share site YouTube for damage control after a video was posted on YouTube of a Domino's employee farting on a pizza and topping it with cheese that had been up his nose. The New York Times reported that the cupprits Kristy Hammonds, 31, and Michael Setzer, 32, who claim the video was just a hoax, were fired from their North Carolina Domino's location.

Last Monday Domino's was alerted by a blogger that video went up on YouTube and they later removed the video and posted an appology on the site. Domino's also set up nd utalized a twitter account to appologize.

"dpzinfo: To all that have messaged, RT'd or given a vote of confidence: THANK YOU! It's been a heck of a day, but we're glad to be out here with you."

Whatever! Domino's needs to tighten up! This blunder comes just weeks after Domino's Pizza had a secret free pizza code, "bail out," mistakenly discovered by an on-line customer. Word of the code quickly spread around the internet and chains around the country were forced to honor it to the tune of 11,000 free medium pizzas. The code had initially been set up in december as a possible promotion but was not meant to be activated or used. Domino's HQ promised to reimburse the bamboozled locations for honoring the mistaken code. Oops!

In other, more positive, "Twizza" news, Pizza Hut is currently looking to hire a "Twintern" to twitter about the pizza company at their headquarters in Dallas this summer. The intern will act as a member of the PR team and will focus on new and emerging social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This is a full-time paid internship with their PR team and "will focus on new and emerging social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and others." Job tasks include:

-Collect and share insights and experiences while working for Pizza Hut through social and interactive media: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, New and emerging media
-Twintern will be given unprecedented access to marketing meetings, brainstorm sessions, ad shoots and special events
-Monitor social media for pop culture news, off-the-wall stories or anything else quirky and fun that he or she thinks would be of interest to loyal Pizza Hut fans.
-Chronicle experience through video; edit and post to selected media
-Conduct media outreach for PR programs
-Assist with execution of national PR programs

Wow! I'm applying. See you in Dallas!

Cheap Eats: Pizza

Yours truely is featured in this months issue of RVA Magazine. Well, I'm usually in that magazine, but this time it is for a pizzalicious reason. My sister Maya and I Have started a new series for RVA Magazine called "Cheap Eats" in which we'll explore some of Richmond's awsome and less expencive eateries. The First installment I did solo and the topic: PIZZA! Head over to the brand spanking new to check out the the crispy new site and cheesey new issue! (See what I did there?), which includes a four page spread of best/cheapest pizza in town!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gardening for Pizza Lovers

I'm so excited for spring/summer and all the locally grown fresh veggies that will be available for topping homemade pizzas. Tomatoes and basil are always a staple in our mom's garden and they make great pizza toppings. unfortunately, Not everyone has the room to make a big back yard garden but you can get great big pots and put them on your porch or even the roof for more urban gardening. I found a video online with a a great idea for planting a Pizza Pot- planting pizzalicous herbs and veggies in pots.

Plant the tomato in the center of a large pot and plant herbs like basil and oregano around it. I'd pick a small tomato good for topping a pizza like Roma or cherry tomatoes. If you really want to get crazy you can even make sauce with them, though I'm not sure which tomatoes are best for that. If you have room for more than one pot, try planting things like onions, garlic, green and red peppers or chilies. If you grow enough basil you could even make pesto for the pizza.

Spinach, eggplant, squash and squash blossoms are also really great on pizza, though they may require more room. If you had the room (and proper conditions) you could even gets spores and plant mushrooms. Fresh vegetables always make a difference on a good pizza.

Check out my sister, Rose's,recipe for a green bean pizza!

In this video