Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Surprise pizza! Dinner and a show!

Those of you who know me also know that I co-host a radio show, El Radon, every Wednesday from 7-9pm on WDCE 90.1FM in Richmond, VA. Last week we had a great show where we were joined by a fantastic local musician, Cole Sullivan, and his new band Ladies Night. They did a quick interview and also played live! Our friends Tiffany and Danny from Community Chest also joined us on the show. The studio was filled with great friends, really great music and, as usual, witty banter.

A-Damn Ref and I thought the show couldn't get any better until Kevin, another community DJ from WDCE, showed up with a surprise pizza! Kevin host The Liquid Lounge every Saturday night on WDCE from 9-11pm. Kevin is well aware of my unabashed love for pizza and has even surprised me with a pizza at the station before. Adam and I were talking about pizza`(as usual) the week before and Kevin told us he'd send us one the next week. We thought he was only joking! Everyone was stoked to see Kevin roll up with a hot, fresh white pizza from the infamous Richmond pizzaria, Bottoms Up. The delicious white sauce is made of Parmesan cheese, virgin olive oil, fresh chopped basil and minced onion. The cheese on top was about half an inch thick! Everyone loved it!

Started in the early 90's, Bottoms Up is 100% famous in Richmond for their excellent gourmet pizza. Their most famous pizzas feature a hearty, thick American style crust that takes 12 hours to prepare! They have pizzas with white and red sauce and their specialty pizzas have a wide array of delectible toppings like, fresh crap meat, baby shrimp, bbq chicken and even Goulden's mustard! Of course you can make your own pizza, but my favorite from Bottoms Up is with out a doubt the Remocaldo Renegade. Topping this masterpices is their classic white sauce, broccoli, spinach, artichoke hearts, and fresh crabmeat and mozzarella. So so so so so GOOD! Seriously, go get one right now!

Any way, here is a video of Cole Sullivan and Ladies Night performing just after eating that delicious pizza!


D. said...

You are SOOOO lucky to have pizza lovin friends who feed your passion!

Anonymous said...

Could you please edit out the uber-dork sitting near the band with his arms folded? How the hell did that schmo get in the shot!?

BTW: Good El Radon show Wednesday night March 11th, 2009. Great talent in the station.