Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A very pizza Christmas!

This year I gave some people, some people that I love very much, a voucher for a home-made pizza. This is an excellent gift idea. What could be better than having some one bake a delicious pizza from scratch especially for you? Nothing.

I was so crazy for all things pizza after my pizzalicious birthday gifts. While I was shopping with one of my bffs at World of Mirth, a beloved toy store in Richmond, VA, we noticed all these really adorable pizza toys. Ages four and up is baloney! I wanted them all! I have a small collection of funny toys already. I think I might need to quit messing around with these other trinkets and start collecting pizza toys for my future babies, or nieces or nephews and stuff.

Later in the week I was shopping with my mom and we stopped in 8 1/2 to get a pizza. Not only is 8 1/2 named after my favorite Frederico Fellini movie, but it is also the best place in the entire city to get a pizza! Their white pizza is particularly great, but mom is a red sauce kind of lady. So we got pepperoni and mushrooms with tomato sauce. I have to admit it wasn't the best looking pizza we ever laid eyes on, but it smelled phenomenal and it was so so delicious-- the best pizza I've had in a long time. Mom was really impressed. It was super cold outside so we pulled into this little park nearby and put the pizza on the dashboard. It fogged up all the windows and it made the whole car smell like a pizza. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I saw those toys the last time I was in there and totally thought of you. I think I also saw a pizza cookbook for kids there, too.

I reallllly need to go by 8 1/ is hard to get around my addiction to Arianna's though, especially when it's so close.

videorose said...

you got me craving pizza, especially the green bean hazelnut pie that my old job used to make w/ smoked mozz (& fontina?) - mmmmmmmm. imonna cook it up.

videorose said...

i dedicated this green bean pizza to you:

ohyouknowocto said...

I want that green bean pizza!

D. said...

Honestly that 8 1/2 pizza, and the other one we got from there on New Year's Day were Sinfully Wonderful! Their pepperoni is tasty but too greasy. So go for some combo of veggies and you are golden!