Monday, December 8, 2008

Pizzalicious Birthday!

For my birthday I received several excellent books about pizza, FOUR to be exact. Now I have five cook books. Honestly I don't know why I didn't get any pizza books sooner. What kitchen could be complete with out them? My eyes get huge and my mouth waters as I leaf through these books. They have already inspired me to make one delicious pizza from scratch which I shared with some good friends. I'll write more about that one when I upload the photos.
My sister, Maya, was responsible for 3/4 of the growing pizza library which she gave to me wrapped in a hilarious pizza pillowcase she made. heart shaped pizza iron on transfers! Be still my (pizza shaped) heart! Mom gifted the other pizzalibra and my brother gave me a sweet book about women graffiti writers. I'm sure it has pizza in there somewhere!

Here are the recent additions to the Pizza Library:

1.) Pizza: A Global History by Carol Helsotsky. This is excellent pizza book revealing not just the history of this fine food but also the fact that pizza was also once a socioeconomic thermometer, as it started out as a food commonly eaten by poor folks in Napoli etc.

2.) The Pizza Book by Evelyne Solomon. Haven't opened this one yet! I'll report back later.

3.) Pizza by Silvana Franco. This beautifully photographed book includes recipes for sauces, crusts. There are also a bunch of really delicious recipes like the classic pizza Margherita, and the unusual fresh fig and prosciutto pizza. There is even a recipe for a dessert pizza that has grilled peaches with a dark rum, brown sugar and chocolate sauce. Full color photos of each scrumptious slice. DANG!

4.) Pizza: A Slice of Heaven by Ed Levine. This is a totally fun book that delves into pizza history, especially in the United States. It includes The "Family Tree" of NYC pizza places, lots of tasty recipes and pizza praises from random celebrities- Edward Norton and the like.


Anonymous said...

I seriously think I need to be included in any further pizza experimentation. You know, for purely scientific reasons.

I will take a pizza, and I will do science to it.

ohyouknowocto said...

PIZZA SCIENCE?! Who are you?! Let's be best friends!