Friday, September 19, 2008

Vegan pizza, movie night

Here is the delicious vegan pizza I made to eat with my friends Emily and Marina.
White Onion
Sauteed spinach
Roma tomatoes
Kalamata Olives
Fresh Basil
salt & pepper
extra virgin olive oil
Mushroom & Garlic tomato sauce
The crust was from a mix

While we ate this pizza we watched a really awkward movie called The Guatemalan Handshake which stars Will Oldham from the band Bonnie "Prince" Billy (among many others) as this really odd, bald, guy who runs away from home and his very young friend who tries to find him. It was actually kind of sweet, but sort of depressing. The pizza was delicious and made even better by the company of good friends.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pizza Cone

It's not just the future of pizza, it's the pizza of the future!

The wonderfully imaginative people at KonoPizza have invented what is quite possibly one of the most useful and hilarious kinds of pizza ever: pizza cones! Check it out:

From (Extra long sentences from Italian translation.)

Pizza has ancient origins, in fact it dates back to 3000 years ago. Some historians say that this food was already present in Etruscan cooking although obviously in a very different form and with very different ingredients from today. Pizza started out however as a dish which only required very simple ingredients that were easy to locate: flour, oil, salt and yeast.

There are many references to this food which in the course of the centuries increasingly resembled its current form. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, wavering between aristocratic taste and popular consumption, at royal banquets and at the poor man's meal the word 'pizza' was already present and in the following centuries many local variations of this term can be found to indicate culinary variations on the theme, from sweet to savoury and with different methods of cooking.

Real pizza (as we know it today) was invented around 1600 by the undeniable culinary genius of the south, from the need to make the traditional oily bread more appetising and flavoursome. Initially it was made from bread dough cooked in a wood oven and flavoured with oil, garlic, lard and coarse salt or in the 'richer' version, with caciocavallo cheese and basil...

...KonoPizza is the continuation of this long, important tradition, becoming the "Future of the Pizza and the Pizza of the Future" but respecting the tradition and prime quality of the ingredients used."

I really think that folks over at WonderPizza would greatly benefit from the products of KonoPizza to make the world's first ever MEGA SUPER HAPPY PIZZA CONE VENDING MACHINE.

On another note, I'm so surprised to see that both WonderPizza and KonoPizza have origins in Italy. They both seem so Japanese some how. I'm sure they both enjoy great success in the land of the rising sun. Some of the products in the KonoPizza family include classic combos like pizza Merhgerita, Sausage, Ham and Mushroom etc., but it also features other savory and sweet pizza cones like Pita Pork, Caprese, Chicken Curry, Cream and Cereal and Macedonia! Yum!

I'm no Pizza Purist! I think KonoPizza is so cute and a really good idea. I want one! My Birthday is Dec. 1 and I want a KonoPizza Party!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pizza Eating... Rollergirls?

Pizza eating contests... between Mathilda the Hun and Mount Figi at the Glow Games, whatever that is. Why do they have rollergirl names?

Laser pizza cutter!

CO2 laser slicing a large pizza!