Monday, May 12, 2008

Pizza Hut Japan

A while ago I was surfing the net and I came across this link to the McDonald's Wikipedia page. It featured a list of international variations of menu items. For example, in India, McDonald's serves mostly vegetarian food because it can't serve beef burgers. Indian McDonald's serve Veg McCurry Pan™ and McAloo Tikki™ and Pizza McPuff™. Pizza McPuff™ is "mixed vegetables (carrot, beans, capsicum, onion and green peas), mozzarella cheese mixed with tomato sauce and spice blend coated with a savoury dough."

Of course I started thinking about pizza variations from around the world. In another blog (Breakdancing Godzilla) I referred to a Crazy Happy Fun Time Pizza, a crazy pizza from Pizza Hut Japan that featured fruity ketchup, honey maple syrup dressing sausage roll ups and little "hamburgs."

So I'd check out what else Pizza Hut had cooking over in Japan. Here's what I found:

Pizza Hut Japan has the craziest menu of pizza by far! Pizza Hut began operations in Japan in 1991 with its first location in Myougadani, Tokyo. In Japan, Pizza Hut is run by KFC Japan Ltd. It features toppings that would be considered quite bizarre in the US. and well, pretty much anywhere out side of Asia. Squid, corn, potato and mayonnaise are just a few of the toppings available.

Totally crazy menu items from Pizza Hut Japan include:
"Crab & Shrimp Mayo King" (snow crab, shrimp, broccoli, onion, and corn),
"Idaho Special" (diced potato, bacon, onion, corn, parsley, and black pepper),
"Tuna Mild" (tuna, mayo, bacon, onion, and corn),
"Seafood Mix" (shrimp, squid, tuna, mayo, broccoli, and onion),
"Mayo Q" (BBQ chicken, mushrooms, onion, corn, nori),
"Super Korean Burukogi" (bulgogi, garlic sprouts/shoots, and onion),
"Mochi, Mentai & Potato" (shrimp, diced potato, mochi, corn, onion, mayo, and nori, with a mentaiko sauce),
"Mochi & Shrimp Chili" (shrimp, mochi, garlic sprouts/shoots, and onion, with a shrimp and chili sauce),
"Cheese and Cheese"
"Meat Paradise" and more!

It also appears that you can get toppings on just 1/4 of a pizza. In fact many specialty pizzas from Pizza Hut Japan, including "Gorgeous 4" and "Smile 4 Set," already divided toppings into 1/4.

Not only are Pizza Hut Japan Pizzas wacky, but hey have some pretty wacky side dishes as well. Creamy shrimp gratin, corn soup, corn salsa, chicken nuggets, smoky roast chicken and purukogi rice top this list. Japanese Pizza Huts also serve tea, muscatel, beer, and "cocktail partners," among their various other soft drinks.

Would you eat any of these pizzas? Check out the Pizza Hut Wikipedia page for more international variations

In China, Pizza Hut is marketed as a dine-in restaurant, serving sangria and escargot as well as the traditional pizza (including traditional toppings and others like tuna).

In Pakistan, Pizza Hut offers annually an "All you can eat" in the month of Ramadan. that should come in handy when you are FASTING!


loulouhex said...

in scotland, the domino's pizza has corn, listed as sweetcorn, and chicken tikka masala as toppings.

ohyouknowocto said...

ha ha.Corn on pizza is so weird to me. It makes me think of elementary school and how they used to serve "Mexipizza" also known as "Barquitos." It was like a French bread style pizza with taco meat and sometimes corn and pimentos on top with a little bit of cheese.
It looked like barf. So they were dubbed "Barfquitos" and also "Diarrhea Pizza" when it had corn on them. ha ha ha. gross